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Hark was an earthbending thief and actor, lover of Jesa, and father of Avatar Kyoshi.



Hark was from a family lineage that could be traced back to the Royal Theater School in Ba Sing Se, though they had fallen into poverty by the time of his birth. As he grew up, Hark became a small-time thief and daofei to support himself. One day, he met Jesa, a traveling Air Nomad nun. He managed to convince her to join him for one of his heists. As it turned out, the nun was equally thrilled about this criminal activity as well as Hark himself. The two became partners in crime, and eventually lovers.[1]

Hark and Jesa went on to found the Flying Opera Company, using Jesa's abilities and flying bison, Longyan, to make great profits.[1] The two reduced their activities following the birth of their daughter Kyoshi in 312 BG without explaining the reason for this decision to their associates. The small family consequently traveled through the entire Earth Kingdom, never staying in one place for a long time. When Kyoshi was about five or six, however, Jesa and Hark left her in the village of Yokoya in the care of a local villager.

In their last years, Jesa and Hark came across a young orphaned tribesman named Lek in Date Grove. They saved him from death, and made him their disciple; he consequently came to greatly adore them. Hark eventually died of fever along with Jesa in 299 BG.[2]


Hark and Jesa's deaths were mourned by their remaining companions, most importantly Lek, who continued to hold them in high regard for their capabilities and great loyalty to their group.

After being left behind by her parents, Kyoshi was quickly abandoned by the villagers of Yokoya. They left her to die on the streets, and she barely survived for a year in near-constant starvation. As a result, Kyoshi came to despise her parents and criminals in general. When learning of her parents' death, Kyoshi's first reaction was relief and even satisfaction.[2]

Kyoshi adopted Hark's theater makeup for her own signature style.

Physical description[]

Hark was described as a man with a stocky physique and a strong appearance.[2]




Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Rise of Kyoshi[]


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