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The harbor town is a small coastal settlement located in the southern United Republic of Nations.[1] Before the republic's foundation, it was part of the Earth Kingdom and remained free from Fire Nation control during the Hundred Year War.


Aang and his friends visited the village to replenish their supplies for their journey and, while there, met a fisherman willing to go fishing against his wife's proclamations of an upcoming storm that might threaten his life. When the fisherman's assistant backed out of the trip, Sokka took over the job in hopes of earning a large income. The fisherman recognized Aang as the Avatar and accused him of abandoning the world for one hundred years, claiming his absence was responsible for all the warfare and suffering that occurred during that time. This emotionally affected Aang, who fled the town to better deal with his guilt and shame. Katara followed him to a cave, seeking to ease his tension and strife.[2]


The harbor town is a minor settlement located on the shores of the Mo Ce Sea. The geography of the region is mountainous, and the village's inland portions extend high into a mountainside. Since the ground there is uneven and rough, there are few paved pathways or roads, and all green-tiled buildings are on a different elevation comparative to each other. Most houses are constructed on bare rock. Due to the regional geology, plant life is minimal in the vicinity of the village, though a few shrubs can occasionally be found.

Fruit stand

Team Avatar sought food at a fruit stand.

Despite being a small community, the town's port is somewhat lively. It is a primary center of commerce, as most goods enter the village through here. Ships and boats dock in one of the harbor's four piers, all of which are equal in length and made from wooden planks. The port has numerous stores, fruit stands, and warehouses, among other facilities. The stores and fruit stands sell a variety of sea-based and nutritional products, including fish, banana, apple, orange, and watermelon. Fruit stands are wooden, small, and have a colorful tarp on the top for decoration. They lie in front of stores, which are more capacious and have a green roof. Warehouses are similar in design to stores, though they preserve goods and supplies in crates, barrels, jars, and baskets.[2]


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