Hangman is a free game hosted on It is entirely based on the word game of the same name.


Prince Zuko is on a "firebending frenzy", and Team Avatar must escape his clutches. Aang, Katara, and Sokka complete games of Hangman to ensure that Zuko is the one who is zapped.


All actions are performed through the left mouse click.


Hangman gameplay

The game begins with an empty puzzle and Aang unharmed.

Once the game has begun, the player must choose letters of the alphabet that he or she believes will correspond to a letter of the puzzle. Puzzles are all five to fifteen letters in length. The lines located directly above the alphabet are placeholders for whatever specific letters of the alphabet will solve the word or phrase. For example, if the player clicks on the letter "E", an "E" will either appear on one or more of the above lines (revealing that "E" is one of the letters that is necessary to solve the puzzle), or no letter will appear on the board at all. When a correct letter has been chosen, the option to click on that letter of the alphabet becomes obsolete.

Aang completely singed

Aang is covered in burns at the final stage before his defeat.

On the other hand, when an incorrect letter is chosen, two things will occur (or, depending on one's view, one thing will not occur and another will occur due to this nonoccurrence): First, the letter chosen will not appear on any of the lines above the alphabet. Second, a fire-blast will be fired at Aang. As more incorrect letters are chosen, Aang's attire will become more burned and battered with each fire-blast that Zuko looses until the singe marks even overcome Aang's head (at which point his smile will turn into a sort of grimace). It takes only one more incorrect letter for the player to lose the game when Aang's face has become covered in ash. To be precise, Aang can only take eight fire-blasts (incorrect letters) until he loses the battle against Zuko.

Finally, there is a menu below the alphabet that has four options to choose from: "New Game", "Help", "Solve", and "Quit". "New Game" creates a new puzzle and erases any progress or setbacks that were incurred in the previous puzzle. "Help" leads to the "How To Play" screen. The board that was being played can be resumed by clicking the "Back To Game" icon at the bottom of the how-to-play screen. "Solve" will simply complete the puzzle without any further damage to Aang. "Quit" has an unusual effect: when clicked, "Quit" will remove the player from the Hangman URL and lead him or her to the Nickelodeon website's homepage.

Words and phrases

The words and phrases that appear as puzzles in the game are:

Agni Kai
Agni Kai Kai [sic]
Air Nomad
Avatar Roku
Commander Zhao
Earth Kingdom
Fire Nation
Flying bison
Goat gorilla
Gran gran
Komodo rhino
Kyoshi Island
Lord Ozai
Monk Gyatso
Penguin riding
Prince Zuko
South Pole
Unagi eel
Warriors of Kyoshi
Water Tribe


  • The game's "how-to-play" dictates that for every letter the player guesses wrong, "one Avatar character will be banished!" However, the only consequence of guessing incorrect letters is Aang's clothes and, eventually, his face being singed; Katara and Sokka, who are the only Avatar characters in this game aside from Aang and Zuko, never leave their friend's side. Therefore, they are never "banished."


  • The background of the opening image is the mining village, and the how-to-play screen is Haru's barn.

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