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Handcuffs, as seen at the Boiling Rock, comprise of a set of hinged metal rings connected by a short bar.

Handcuffs are tools used by the guards of the Boiling Rock to bind the hands of prisoners together, thus allowing them to be transported to their cells without causing them unnecessary harm.[1]


Earth Kingdom soldiers used a less contemporary pair of handcuffs to capture and restrain Iroh. There are many dangling chains attached to the cuffs, and they restrain the prisoner's entire body rather than just their hands. Iroh attempted to escape by tricking the guards into touching the cuffs, which he heated with firebending, but to no avail. He later fought the soldiers with the broken chains of the cuffs.[2]

In Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li used their rock gloves as handcuffs to hold Jet.[3] The Dai Li also used metal handcuffs in order to arrest Long Feng, an earthbender.[4]

The prisoners of the Boiling Rock, including Hakoda, wore more contemporary handcuffs when exiting the gondola. After Hakoda refused to look the prison's warden in the eye, the warden knocked him to the ground by kicking down his handcuffs.[1]

Later on that day, Hakoda, Sokka, Zuko, Suki, and Chit Sang were escaping from the prison on the gondola. Princess Azula and Ty Lee arrived just at the right time to fight. Azula, not having the capabilities Ty Lee did to run on a thin rope, grabbed a pair of handcuffs from a nearby guard, propelled herself into the air with firebending, and used the handcuffs to hook on to the gondola's line, continuing to propel herself along the rope until she made it to the gondola. Once there, she disposed of the handcuffs.[1]


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