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Hana was a prominent daofei during the lifetime of Avatar Kyoshi. She served as the second-in-command of the Triad of the Golden Wing, and later became the second-in-command of a group known as the Fanged Mercenaries.[1]


Hana was Mok's second-in-command of the Triad of the Golden Wing, renowned for her skills as an earthbender and especially as a sandbender. When Avatar Kyoshi disrupted the gang, Hana only escaped capture because she was away on a smuggling mission. She later found a few holdouts who escaped the attack, dispersed, and then rallied under Lei Fang. Hana and Lei initially met with tension, as Lei Fang was worried that Hana would try to exert control over the small group, but Hana knew it was best for her to lead alongside the headstrong leader, and she slipped into the role of the second-in-command again.[1]

Hana was ruthlessly determined to have her daofei gang rise to the top despite pressure from the Earth King to eliminate all daofei in the Earth Kingdom. She planned to run the Avatar's task force ragged before they ever realized she was behind it.[1] She set up the group's headquarters at Gan's Noodle Shop in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se after striking an exclusive deal with its owner, a pudgy woman named Gan. Hana also gave the desperate owners of the Wood Frog Lumberyard a small stipend so that she could use it for daofei meetings.[2]

Lei Fang and Hana worked to commit crimes across the Lower Ring and set up their rivals to take the fall, offering succor to whomever remained, offering to keep them safe. This method allowed their new group, the Fanged Mercenaries, to eliminate several gangs across the Lower Ring. When a thief and archer named Mengyao discovered what the Fanged Mercenaries were up to and planned to stop them, Hana was enraged. She came up with a plan to kidnap Gerel and Keiko, the children of Ambassador Quin of the Fire Nation, and framed Mengyao for the crime.[3][4] More ruthless than Lei Fang, she planned on killing some Fire Nation guards when they came for Gerel and Keiko to signal how much of a threat the Fanged Mercenaries truly were. She did not care about the ambassador's children, and thought that ransoming them might be more trouble than it was worth.[5]


Hana had a superior view of herself. She wanted to become the premier daofei in all of the Earth Kingdom.[1] She was a ruthless individual with no qualms about killing others to solidify herself as a threat.[5]


Hana was a master earthbender, especially as a sandbender. She had the ability to summon sandstorms, and to form quicksand.[1]


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