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Hama's inn is located in a small village in the central Fire Nation. Hama acquired this small, quaint structure several years before the end of the Hundred Year War, when the previous owner mysteriously vanished.[1] During Team Avatar's travels in the Fire Nation, Hama invited Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph to stay there for the night.[2]


While Team Avatar was camping out, Hama found them and invited them to return with her to her inn for some spiced tea and warm beds. They gladly accepted the offer, and while enjoying the hot beverage, they learned of the forest's dark history that occurs every full moon.

After a good night's rest, the team explored the inn when Hama left them to take care of some business. As Sokka pulled open one of the built-in closets, a collection of marionettes fell out, creeping them out. Sokka continued his investigation and after picking the lock on the door to the attic, they found a chest. Toph morphed her meteor bracelet into a key and unlocked the box. However, before they could open it, Hama returned and revealed the contents herself: a whale tooth comb, thus revealing her Southern Water Tribe heritage. She made them a traditional Water Tribe feast: five-flavor soup and an adaptation of sea prune. After exhibiting her skill as a waterbender, she told her history of how she ended up in the Fire Nation, before offering Katara lessons in the Southern tradition of waterbending the next day.[2]


The inn is two stories tall and has a small attic. The ground floor of the inn is at a higher level than the front door, so stairs must be climbed to reach it. Though there is a window in each room of the inn, it is generally dark and gloomy and seems to have an air of neglect. On the ground floor is a large vestibule, a kitchen, and a dining room. The vestibule is the front room of the inn and is full of cabinets containing foods and other assorted goods. In it, there are two doors: one leading up the stairs to the second floor guest rooms, and the other leading to the kitchen. The kitchen is located at the back of the inn and has a small table where travelers may eat meals prepared by the innkeeper.

Hama's kitchen

Team Avatar gathered with Hama in the kitchen for dinner.

The second floor of the inn consists of four bedrooms arranged around a central hallway. Three of these are available for guests, while the last is Hama's bedroom. At the end of the hallway is a steep flight of stairs leading to the attic. Directly across the hall from these stairs is a closet containing puppets depicting Hama's victims. The attic of the inn is partitioned into two rooms, each of which has a single window and are divided by a locked door. The only thing in the attic is a small locked box containing Hama's Water Tribe whale tooth comb.

Behind the inn is a large barn filled with hay bales and burlap sacks. Appa was hidden in here while Team Avatar stayed with Hama.[2]


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