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Hai-Riyo Peak is a large mountain located in the Spirit World, with a summit that serves as the nesting site for dragon bird spirits.[1]


In an effort to find Jinora, Avatar Korra journeyed up Hai-Riyo Peak to return an injured dragon bird spirit to its nest, located on the summit.

On her way, Korra was blocked by a trio of dark guardian spirits. Refusing to let her fear stop her from completing her task, Korra found the light within herself, in the process restoring balance to the guardian spirits and allowing them to assume a pacified form. As she calmed the spirits, Korra also dissipated the storm clouds which had previously encircled the mountain.

With the assistance of the guardian spirits, Korra was able to swiftly reach the top of the mountain, where she returned the injured dragon bird spirit to its nest. Upon reuniting, the four young dragon bird spirits merged to become a single adult dragon bird spirit, which flew around the peak before allowing Korra to mount it.[1]


Storm clouds around Hai-Riyo Peak

Negative energy caused storm clouds to gather around Hai-Riyo Peak, which only dissipated following Korra's arrival.

Hai-Riyo Peak is a large mountain, visible from Iroh's teashop in the Spirit World. Prior to Korra's arrival in 171 AG, storm clouds encircled the mountain, and the strong negative energy in the surrounding area caused guardian spirits residing in the mountain to turn dark.

The storm clouds dissipated shortly after Korra found the light within herself on the way to the summit of the mountain, where a dragon bird nest is located. Several guardian spirits can be found on the way to the top of the mountain, which can be reached using walkways.[1]



  • The hai-riyo is a bird-dragon hybrid, present in both Chinese and Japanese mythology.


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