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The following information is not considered to be part of the main continuity.

"Gym Time" is a comic book that takes place in Book Two: Earth, originally released by Nick Mag Presents: Avatar: The Last Airbender on September 18, 2007,[1] and later released by Dark Horse Comics in The Lost Adventures. Certain local bookstores put this edition of Nick Mag Presents on the market a few days earlier than advertised, making "Gym Time" available on September 14 in select locations.[2] It is considered non-canon due to its placement under the "Bonus Stories" section of The Lost Adventures.


The members of Team Avatar, along with Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Haru, and Jet, are in gym class with their teacher, Avatar Kyoshi.


With all the students gathered in the schoolyard for gym class and chatting with one another, Avatar Kyoshi enters and announces they will play dodgeball today and that the team captains will be Aang and Azula. The airbender chooses Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Suki while the princess selects Ty Lee, Haru, and Jet.

Kyoshi says that Azula will take the last pick. Zuko and Mai are the final players on the court. To draw attention to himself, Zuko shapes fireworks into the inscription "pick me", but Azula chooses Mai instead. Zuko rushes to Kyoshi, confused as to what role he has to play, and she explains that he will be the ball. Kyoshi immediately introduces the "ball" in the game, making a stone pillar right underneath Zuko and tossing him into the arena.

Production notes


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Series continuity

  • The only in-story indication that this comic takes place in Book Two is that Zuko's haircut and outfit are as they were in "The Crossroads of Destiny".



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