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Guo Xun was the Queen of Omashu during the youth of Avatar Roku.


Guo Xun was born during the later life of Avatar Kyoshi. As a child, she idolized the Avatar, who supported Guo Xun's family taking the throne with the sacred duty to protect Omashu. When she became queen, she wholeheartedly embraced the political structure the Avatar helped create.

Guo Xun despised Earth King Jialun and found most of his actions to be cheap and selfish, thinking him insecure in his power by weakening the standing of those who had nothing to begin with, such as the Earth Sages. By the time of the coronation of Fire Lord Sozin, Guo Xun was a graceful and elderly woman who worked as a balancing force to the machinations of the Earth King. She embroiled her city and its diplomats in just enough conflict to not spark an all-out war with Ba Sing Se.[1] Both monarchs had spies in each other's courts, and both throne rooms were vipers' nests.[2]


Guo Xun was considered a graceful and benevolent queen of Omashu.[1]


Guo Xun was a brilliant political strategist and could help sharpen the keenest of minds. She was likely to contact those opposed to the schemes of Earth King Jialun, asking them to spy for her or to smuggle technologies for her scholars undetected in the Earth Kingdom.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]

Preceded by
Unknown, eventually Buro[3]
Ruler of Omashu
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Bumi


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