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Guo is a specialist in alternative medicine who lives in Zaofu. His primary method of care involves puncturing acupoints with a series of metal needles in order to relieve obstructions in chi flow.[1]


In 171 AG, Guo treated Lin Beifong and explained to the Chief of Police that he would use needles to relieve any blockages in chi flow along her body. The acupuncturist eventually determined that the obstruction in Lin's chi flow was unusually strong, prompting him to use more needles during the session.

Guo remarked shortly after that acupuncture often taps into an individual's buried memories, particularly those which are difficult to process. Although Lin scoffed at his claims, she found herself reliving the circumstances that led to her strained relationship with Suyin, which caused her to panic and shoot out the needles in her skin, some of which struck the acupuncturist. The specialist cautioned Lin about the implications of leaving in the middle of the session, but his warnings were dismissed.

Guo treated Lin upon her return to his clinic later in the day, reiterating his warnings about the dangers of leaving in the middle of the session. Guo quickly ushered the Chief of Police to a table and urged Lin to remain calm, before placing a needle along the acupoint on her forehead. After the session was finished, the acupuncturist advised Lin to relax for the next couple of days while she recuperated from the procedure, but the latter refused to do so, remarking that she needed to confront her sister instead.[1]


Acupuncture session

Guo used needles to relieve blockages in Lin Beifong's chi flow.

Guo is proficient in the art of metalbending, which he uses to administer acupuncture to his patients. Using fluid hand movements more akin to waterbending, the acupuncturist is able to effectively arrange an assortment of metal needles along an individual's acupoints and subsequently place them without puncturing deep enough to cause discomfort or pain. As a practitioner of alternative medicine, Guo is also knowledgeable in the specifics of the human body. Coupled with an understanding of disruptions in an individual's chi flow, Guo uses this knowledge to enact methods that can relieve blocks in a person's chi, much like healers.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)


  • According to his business card, Guo also specializes in moxibustion, a therapeutic procedure which involves burning moxa on or near a patient's skin to act as a counterirritant.[1]


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