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Gun is the formal Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se and one of the most prominent Earth Kingdom royalists after the monarchy's fall in 171 AG.[2] Originally a trusted adviser of Earth Queen Hou-Ting, Gun oversaw diplomatic visitors to Ba Sing Se and instructed them in proper conduct when meeting the queen, whom he feared tremendously.[1] After the queen's death, Gun and a few loyalists managed to escape the anarchy in the Earth Kingdom and crowned Prince Wu the next Earth King in 174 AG.[2]


171 AG

Gun grew alarmed upon witnessing Team Avatar's pets, fearing Earth Queen Hou-Ting's wrath, who detested animals.

Gun welcomed Avatar Korra, Tenzin, and the rest of Team Avatar to the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se following their arrival in 171 AG. He grew fearful at the sight of Naga, Pabu, and Oogi and promptly told Bolin to keep the creatures out of the Earth Queen's sight, as she detested animals. He promptly led the group to their quarters while telling them about proper etiquette when addressing the queen. After Korra commented on how many rules there were to remember, Gun wearily told the young Avatar that she "[had] no idea" and urged her to follow them regardless as he was the one reprimanded for any mistakes.

After the group arrived at their home, Gun urged the visitors to make themselves at home and reminded them to keep the animals out of sight in the back garden, before leading Korra to the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace to meet the queen. At the palace, he announced Avatar Korra's arrival and witnessed the exchange between the two power figures, occasionally cowering when the queen yelled. He attempted to rush the Avatar out of the palace after the queen indicated that their conversation was over, only to be pushed aside.

Gun escorted Korra to the palace once more following her retrieval of the tax shipment and attempted to lead her out after she refused to leave Ba Sing Se, only to be knocked down again.[1]

Fearful of Hou-Ting's reaction, Gun assured the Queen that there were no animals in her presence.

The next day, Gun accompanied the Earth Queen as they approached the Avatar. At Hou-Ting's direction, Gun claimed that airbenders had been found in the Yang province. Shortly afterward, the Earth Queen began to sneeze and grabbed Gun by the collar, demanding to know if an animal was in her presence. Gun assured Hou-Ting that there was not one and he would never left an animal near her. Gun's robes were used by the queen to wipe her nose before she threatened him with beheading if any animal was near her. The queen told Team Avatar that the grand secretariat would help them be on their way by that evening, but the two simply walked away after Asami told them they would need another day due to airship repairs. Gun nervously walked backward as Hou-Ting continued to sneeze on him.[3]

Sometime later, Gun reported to Earth Queen Hou-Ting that the airship carrying a captured Korra had left Fort Bosco and would arrive at the capital a few hours later. He further announced that there was a group of people requesting an audience with the Queen to present the captured Mako and Bolin personally. Mentioning that they had information about the Queen's stolen airbenders, Gun was given the order to escort them in, both unaware that they were dealing with the Red Lotus. After a deal was struck between the Queen and Zaheer, Gun led the group to the palace's antechamber, where they would await Korra's arrival.

Gun grew frightened and ran upon witnessing the Red Lotus easily defeat several Dai Li agents.

Gun was present when the Dai Li reported of the crash of the airship carrying Korra. However, after the Red Lotus barged into the throne room and took care of the bodyguards, he ran away, despite Hou-Ting demanding him to stay and defend her.[4]

174 AG

Gun crowned Wu as king of all the earth lands and glorious defender of Ba Sing Se.

Although Hou-Ting's regime had ended, Gun remained a part of the royal cabinet and in 174 AG, he traveled with two other members of the cabinet to Republic City to anoint Prince Wu, Hou-Ting's great-nephew, as the new Earth King. He only managed to make it to the United Republic of Nations capital ten minutes before the start of the coronation, where he informed the prince that the royal servants had scattered across the kingdom and most of the artifacts, including the crown, had been looted. The only royal jewel Gun had managed to bring with him was a golden earring and implored the royal to look at it as a brooch. As he tried to pin it on Wu's jacket, the prince pushed Gun away and stormed off. Nonetheless, the ceremony proceeded and after Gun pinned the brooch on Wu's chest, he declared him king of all the earth lands and glorious defender of Ba Sing Se.[2]


As a loyal member of Earth Queen Hou-Ting's service, Gun was blindly obedient to the queen and ensured that all visitors abode by her rules and knew her preferences. He is easily frightened, especially when the queen was agitated, due to having to take responsibility for whatever upset her.[1] Despite this, he still remained loyal to her dynasty even after her death.[2]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

Preceded by
Unknown, eventually Long Feng
Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se
Unknown - present
Succeeded by


  • Gun serves Hou-Ting in the same capacity as Long Feng did for Earth King Kuei, but the situations are clear inverses of each other: Kuei was a mild-mannered puppet ruler for the early portion of his reign, while Long Feng was the real power behind the throne; Hou-Ting was arrogant, demanding, and capable of running the Earth Kingdom, while Gun is easily intimidated and exercises no real independent power.


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