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The guard captain was a Fire Nation soldier in charge of maintaining security at the Fire Days Festival. Though a slightly incompetent man, he was always proud to report positive information regarding the festival to his officers.[2]


The officer began working at the Fire Days Festival after his father's friend fulfilled a favor he owed. A nonbender, the man had never fought a battle in his life.[2]

After the Fire Days Festival held in 100 AG, the guard was confronted by Admiral Zhao and questioned about a recent incident in which his troops failed to capture Avatar Aang. Feeling uncomfortable, the captain tried to avert the admiral's attention by noting the festival's success as well as its low crime rates. Zhao was angered by his incompetence, after which the guard began talking about the Avatar again, remarking that Team Avatar fled into the woods.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book One: Water (水)[]


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