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Gregory Michael "Greg" Cipes is a professional surfer, musician, and actor. He provided the voice for Tu and a cousin of Mako and Bolin across five episodes of The Legend of Korra.

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Early life

Cipes was born to Robin Mrasek and Geoff Cipes. He quickly took up surfing, and was ranked as the #3 Junior Professional Surfer in 1998.


Cipes later became an actor, landing a role as the voice of Beast Boy in the Teen Titans franchise and Kevin Levin in the Ben 10 franchise. Since 2012, he has provided the voice of Michelangelo in Nickelodeon's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Personal life

Cipes is a vegetarian, having adhered to such a diet since he was eight years old. He also owns three dogs: Shadow, Marley, and Timber and is very close to them. His favorite musician is reggae artist Bob Marley.

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