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The term "Green dragon" has not been confirmed by official sources.

This green dragon was a female dragon that lived around the beginning of the Hundred Year War.[1]


This dragon made her nest in a high mountain located in the Fire Nation and eventually laid an egg. Some time later, a group of poachers obtained a map leading to the green dragon's nest. The green dragon was lured out by one of the poachers, while the others attempted to grab her egg. However, another map had been obtained by Avatar Aang and Kuzon, who stumbled upon the poachers and tricked them into thinking the dragon had returned.

Though the poachers ran off, the green dragon's egg was nearly smashed when she returned and knocked it out of Aang's hands, incorrectly assuming they wanted to steal her egg. Aang managed to catch the egg just before it hit the ground, convincing the mother dragon that they were no threat to her or her offspring. The green dragon was grateful, but refused to take them for a ride as Kuzon had hoped.[1]


Avatar comics[]

Book Three: Fire (火)[]


  • Unlike other dragons, this one has two sets of wings: the main flying pair and a secondary, smaller pair just below them.[1]
  • There were six known dragons with her introduction: Sozin's dragon, Fang, Ran and Shaw, herself, and her child, though her child had not yet hatched from its egg when Aang and Kuzon encountered the dragon.[1]
  • Kuzon called the green dragon a "big chicken lizard".[1]


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