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This article is about the the leader of the Fire Sages in the Fire Temple. For the highest member of the Fire Sages, see High Sage. For the man who held the position after the Hundred Year War, see Shyu.

The Great Sage was the leader of the five Fire Sages who resided on Crescent Island when Team Avatar visited in 99 AG. A capable firebender, the Great Sage was loyal not to the Avatar but to the Fire Lord.[2]


When Team Avatar arrived at Crescent Island, the Great Sage, along with the other Fire Sages, attacked the group. Their attacks were in vain, however, as they were knocked down by an air swipe directed at them by Aang. The Great Sage was fearful of how powerful Aang would become if he succeeded in contacting Roku, so he ordered the others to split up and find the Avatar.

The Great Sage was later tricked by Aang and his friends with the help of Shyu into opening the doors of Fire Temple's sanctuary, which housed Avatar Roku's statue. When he realized his mistake, he tried to close the doors again, but was thwarted by Momo, who jumped on his face and removed his headdress. When Zuko intervened and captured the Avatar, the Great Sage nearly succeeded in his attempt to stop Aang from speaking to Roku. However, at the last moment, Aang broke free and used the Great Sage's head as a stepping stone to jump through the closing doors of the sanctuary. When the Great Sage tried to open the doors again, he realized that Avatar Roku did not want Zuko and the sages to enter and had thus sealed the doors shut.

While waiting for the sanctuary to reopen, the Great Sage started to interrogate Shyu in order to comprehend his motive for aiding the Avatar. During this interrogation, Commander Zhao entered the temple. The Great Sage bowed to him in respect, showing his loyalty to the Fire Nation above his original loyalty to the Avatar.

When Aang emerged, serving as a vessel for Avatar Roku and burning the entire temple to the ground, the Great Sage fled to safety with the others. He and the sages, however, were captured by Zhao and taken aboard his ship as prisoners. When Zhao accused them of treachery, the Great Sage argued that only Shyu had aided the Avatar. Zhao, however, was unfazed and turned them in to Fire Lord Ozai to be punished for their alleged crimes.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


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