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Grandma Lokai's Earth Orphanage is an organization founded by Grandma Lokai and visited by Team Avatar. It is a large lighthouse-like tower situated on top of a cliff near Hiroku Canyon in the Earth Kingdom.[1]


After being separated from each other by a storm, members of Team Avatar set off toward the orphanage, as it was the only landmark visible for miles and would be the most likely place for the other members to go. Toph, Momo, and Appa were the first to find it, and Toph used earthbending to climb to the tower, as it was situated on top of a large cliff. There, she was greeted by Grandma Lokai, who welcomed her and proceeded to dress her in princess clothing. Appa received a large crown and was sent to the courtyard to rest. Not long after, Katara and Sokka headed toward the tower as well. They were assisted by Onku, who gladly introduced them to Grandma Lokai. Aang was the last to arrive, angered by what he thought was an attempt to kidnap his friends. He engaged in a battle with Onku, but Katara quickly stopped him with the knowledge that Grandma Lokai built the tower in order to house Earth Kingdom foundlings. Touched by her hospitality, the team decided to stay for the night.[1]

Layout and description

The walls and roof of the structure are pagoda-like. The place is filled with wooden furniture and rugs. A small courtyard is located in the back, with a wall of earth enclosing it. Several trees can be found outside, both in the front and the back of the structure.[1]

Notable members


  • According to Grandma Lokai, the orphanage was "nicer" prior the outbreak of the Hundred Year War, after which time the children "stopped coming".


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