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Gommu[2] is a former telegraph operator for the United Forces and one of the many vagabonds living in Republic City. He enjoys his nomadic lifestyle and has already called many places in the city his home: Republic City Park,[3] the capital's sewers,[1] and its Spirit Wilds.[4] Optimistic and free spirited in nature, Gommu holds no prejudices toward benders despite being an impoverished nonbender himself. Because of this, Gommu offered assistance and shelter to Team Avatar when the radical Equalists captured the United Republic capital.[1]


Early life

Gommu was born in Republic City to two immigrant nonbenders. He was raised in an orphanage until he was fifteen, when he lied about his age to join the United Forces as a telegraph operator. Working on ships as they traveled the world, Gommu grew to love the nomadic lifestyle.

When the United Forces began replacing telegraphs with radios, Gommu found himself unemployed. Unsatisfied with the stationary life, he became attracted to the nomadic vagabond culture. Eventually, he gave up his residence altogether and took to roaming the city looking for work and helping out his fellow citizens.[2] He eventually procured a fine bush in Republic City Park and made that plant his new home.[3]

170 AG

Meeting Korra

Korra meeting Gommu

Gommu met Korra in Republic City Park and quickly befriended her.

Gommu encountered Avatar Korra when she visited the park in search of food. While she was using her firebending to fry some fish she had caught in the pond, the vagabond emerged from his bush and asked if he could have one of the three "tasty-smelling fishies" Korra had caught. She granted his request and, trying to make conversation during their awkward meal, learned that the man was proud to be living in the bush from which he had emerged and that there were many more vagabonds like him in the city. This confused her, as she had previously thought that everyone in the city was "living it up", a statement met with a laugh from Gommu. After telling her that she had a lot to learn, he formally welcomed her to Republic City.

Their conversation was cut short when a guard came running toward them, yelling that they could not fish in the pond. Hopping to his feet, Gommu warned Korra that she had better "skedaddle" and promptly dove for cover in his bush. As Korra rode away on Naga, he emerged from his bush once again, waving goodbye to his new friend.[3]

Hosting Team Avatar

Gommu sending the message

Gommu sent a telegram to Commander Bumi at Iroh's request in order to alert him of the Equalists' presence in Republic City.

Once the Equalists had taken over Republic City, Korra and her friends went into hiding with Gommu, who resided underground in a shelter where benders and nonbenders lived in harmony. The vagabond provided Team Avatar with food "from the best dumpsters the city [had] to offer", much to Asami's disgust.[1]

Later, after General Iroh joined the group, Team Avatar planned to send a telegram to Commander Bumi, asking for assistance. Gommu, being able to operate a telegraph, helped the group and sent the message.[1] However, the telegram was intercepted by Hiroshi Sato.[5] Gommu was upset when Team Avatar split up to fight the Equalists, proclaiming, "Good fortune and success to you, valiant heroes."[1]

174 AG

Three years after Harmonic Convergence, Gommu moved into the Spirit Wilds of Republic City and befriended a multitude of spirits already living there.[4] When Kuvira threatened to attack Republic City, Gommu was enjoying a fish he had caught and cooked at Avatar Korra Park. Listening to a radio, he heard Prince Wu urge everyone to evacuate. As such, he grabbed the hand of the officer that had approached him to reprimand him for his illegal fishing activities and left to a nearby vehicle to leave the city.[6]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


  • Gommu was referred to by Bolin as a "wise and noble hobo".[1]
  • His name was created after the show had started airing, which is why he is never referred to as Gommu in the show.[7]


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