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The Golden Temple Tigerdillos,[1] also known as the Tu Zin Tigerdillos,[2] is a pro-bending team that entered the semifinals of the preliminary rounds before the official Championship Tournament in 170 AG. They are known for being pro-bending veterans, and they rely more on their wisdom than on their athleticism.[3]


After the Hundred Year War, three citizens of Tu Zin formed a pro-bending team, which they called the Tigerdillos.[2]

The Tigerdillos faced off against the Fire Ferrets in the semifinals of the Pro-bending Tournament qualifiers.

In 170 AG, the Tigerdillos managed to enter the semifinals of the preliminary rounds before the tournament and they were regarded, according to Shiro Shinobi, as the Fire Ferrets' toughest competitor to that point. During the match, the Tigerdillos quickly knocked the Ferrets zones back and the first round ended in their favor. In round two, the Ferrets forced the Tigerdillos back enough to win the round and tie the match. In the final round, the Tigerdillos managed to knock both Hasook and Bolin out of the ring, but Mako faced the Tigerdillos one-on-one and knocked them out of the ring through a "hat trick" and clinched the match for the Fire Ferrets.[1]



  • The match between the Golden Temple Tigerdillos and the Fire Ferrets was the first pro-bending match that Korra ever watched after her arrival in Republic City.


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