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The goat gorilla is a large creature found typically within mountainous and forested areas of the Earth Kingdom, generally far from large settlements. Although a rather rampant beast in the wild, the gorilla goat can be quite lovable and docile in captivity, as well as useful in manual labor.[1]


King Bumi owned a goat gorilla, which he named Flopsie. In 99 AG, Team Avatar was brought before King Bumi to determine their punishment for their destruction of property in Omashu. Bumi imprisoned the trio and later held Katara and Sokka hostage, forcing Aang to complete three tasks. The second task required Aang to retrieve Flopsie from a small pen-like area. Initially, Aang chased after a lop-eared rabbit, thinking it was Flopsie. He in turn was chased by the goat gorilla, but soon realized his mistake and completed the challenge.[2]

After the Fire Nation took over Omashu, Flopsie was chained up and forced to push a crank in a circle to provide energy. He was subsequently released by Aang when the young Avatar returned to the city.[3]


The goat gorilla is a large animal which bears a similar build to the gorilla, while exhibiting physical attributes akin to a goat. It is generally uniform in terms of coloration, apart from small sections of its body which appear in different pigmentations. Goat gorillas are only known to have either a murky white or a dark red hide, with brown features appearing in both cases. The goat gorilla's face is relatively intimidating, composed of large green eyes, a striking nose, and a mouth with two tusks protruding upward from the mandible. Two ivory horns extend from the creature's head, with two large ears dangling on either side, and a single tuft of brown fur grows from the center of its back. Most wild goat gorillas appear dark red in coloration.[2]


Goat gorillas are hostile toward intruders who trespass into their territory and do not hesitate in attacking those they identify as threats. They often initiate a confrontation, ramming opponents repeatedly until they fall. These creatures use their massive arms as weapons, raising them high to gain momentum before smashing them to the ground. Despite their violent nature, however, it is possible to coexist with goat gorillas, given that passersby and co-inhabitants of the area maintain a respectable distance from key goat gorilla territory.


As pets, goat gorillas can be tamed to the point where they will docilely allow their bellies to be scratched.

Goat gorillas can become relatively docile in captivity. When trained, they can serve as figures of security while still showing qualities of obedient pets. Flopsie, a goat gorilla belonging to the eccentric King Bumi, was a perfect example of this.[2] Goat gorillas seem to be intelligent to a certain degree, as Flopsie was able to recognize his owner as well as his name. In addition to this, they seem to retain certain pieces of information, such as the layout of particular locations and the identity of previously observed figures. Flopsie exhibited these skills upon recognizing Aang, before taking him around Omashu in search of Bumi. Goat gorillas are very affectionate, mostly to their respective owners. They enjoy displays of affection, such as being rubbed and played with. The only goat gorilla known to be tamed is Flopsie.[3]


The goat gorilla can be directly linked to both of its namesakes: the goat and the gorilla. However, while both the goat and the gorilla are herbivores, the goat gorilla is not, as it is known to eat lop-eared rabbits.[4]


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