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Ginger is an actress who works for Varrick. She was present during Asami and Bolin's first meeting with Varrick, as well as the feast during the Glacier Spirits Festival, where she accompanied the business mogul as his date.[3] She stars as the female lead in The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South.[1]


171 AG

When Asami and Bolin entered Varrick's yacht, Ginger was casually lying on a couch, watching how Varrick was under the impression that he was levitating. As opposed to all the others in the room, she did not participate in the feigned enthusiasm over his supposed achievement of levitating a foot off the ground. She showed no interest in her surroundings. However, when Varrick showed Asami and Bolin a moving picture depicting an ostrich horse and elaborated on his plans to make the "movers" something big, she immediately answered his call for a demonstration. She sensually strolled to the middle of the room and struck several poses, much to the enjoyment of both Varrick and Bolin. After she was praised for her action, she was told by Varrick to go rest her legs, as they were a big part of his future plans. She later accompanied Varrick to the feast in honor of Chief Unalaq.[3]

Ginger annoyed

Annoyed, Ginger left Bolin confused about the difference between Ginger the person and Ginger the character.

After Varrick's return to Republic City, Ginger starred alongside Bolin as a damsel in distress in a propaganda film created to instigate opposition against the North as well as increase sales for Varrick's hair dye, Varri-dye.[4] Bolin seemed to quickly grow more attracted to Ginger after playing her love interest in Varrick's movers, even kissing her during one scene, despite the absence of this action in the script. However, she repeatedly tried to tell Bolin that her interest in him was restricted solely to their characters in the mover and did not extend to reality, though Bolin appeared to be confused as to what the difference was.[1]

Ginger later attended the premiere of the finale of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South at the Pro-bending Arena, traveling in a stretched limousine with Bolin. She walked arm in arm with her co-star past the crowds of people waiting for them, waving as she and Bolin went inside. However, as soon as they entered the Arena, she dropped back into her usual demeanor, stating that Bolin was "as dumb as the rocks [he] ben[t]" after he referred to them as a couple, and she walked off by herself.

Ginger kissing Bolin

Ginger kissed Bolin, declaring him to be her boyfriend after he publicly and singlehandedly saved President Raiko and the First Lady.

While Bolin battled the waterbenders who were after President Raiko, Ginger expressed her concern for him. After he had saved the President, she rushed out to where Bolin was having his photo taken and kissed him rather intimately, proclaiming that she could not believe her "boyfriend" was a "real-life hero", leaving Bolin somewhat confused after her previous statements. She quickly brushed aside his bafflement and kissed him again, ignoring Asami's attempt to converse with Bolin. They were interrupted, however, by Korra's sudden arrival on Oogi.[5]

174 AG

Three years later, Ginger attended the wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li, seated next to Buttercup Raiko, and happily watched the ceremony unfold.[6]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


  • Ginger is the first known character to have dyed their hair, the others being Gombo, Huan, and Ryu. She is, furthermore, the only one to have completely dyed their hair, as the others have some parts which remain their original hair color.


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