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The giant rhinoceros beetle is a large insect named for its immense size and facial prongs. Often seen in its native habitat, the Si Wong Desert, it is commonly used by the beetle-headed merchants as a beast of burden.[1]


In the spring of 100 AG, the beetle-headed merchants used their tamed giant rhinoceros beetle to drag a bound Appa onto a wooden contraption. However, before the beetle could start pulling the flying bison toward Ba Sing Se, it was flipped on its back and dragged along the ground as Appa took off. The animal was saved as its owners tranquilized Appa with shirshu-spit darts.[1]


This gargantuan insect possesses an enormous green shell that serves as protection. It exhibits prongs, small beady eyes, and six legs, as are ubiquitous in insects.


The giant rhinoceros beetle is an enlarged version of the Japanese rhinoceros beetle.


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