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Ghazan was an earthbending master, fugitive, and member of the Red Lotus put into criminal custody under the Order of the White Lotus in 158 AG after participating in an attempt to kidnap Avatar Korra.[4] He possessed the rare ability to lavabend. He eventually took his own life when faced with the certainty of going to jail otherwise after a failed attempt to kill Bolin and Mako.


First attempt to kidnap Korra[]

In 158 AG, Ghazan joined Zaheer, Ming-Hua, and P'Li in attempting to kidnap the new Avatar, Korra, but they were defeated by Tonraq, Fire Lord Zuko, Tenzin, and Chief Sokka.[4] Ghazan was confined in a wooden cell on a wooden platform in the middle of the ocean, effectively cutting off his access to any sources of earth.[5] During his imprisonment, he entertained himself by renaming the constellations and even considered rain a "big event".[6]

Tracking the Avatar[]

After thirteen years of imprisonment,[4] Ghazan successfully escaped with the aid of Zaheer, who infiltrated the prison disguised as a guard. During the breakout, Zaheer threw three rocks into the cell which Ghazan melted into lava, using the swirling, fiery shuriken to break out and subdue the remaining guards. He thanked his friend for freeing him and inquired as to how Zaheer had obtained his new airbending abilities. Afterward, the duo journeyed to the volcano in which Ming-Hua's prison was located, intent on freeing her. During the break-in, Ghazan carried in a barrel filled with water, which he threw in the air once they were within range of the waterbender's cage, enabling Zaheer to slice it open and Ming-Hua to use the water to escape. After the three took out the remaining sentries, Ghazan greeted Ming-Hua, stating he was glad to see her again, before they set out toward the Northern Water Tribe to free P'Li.[5]

Upon arriving at P'Li's prison, Ghazan personally dueled Lord Zuko using rocks from the back of the truck the fugitives were using. The two dueled evenly at first, able to dodge each other's attacks. Ghazan, however, was able to knock Zuko down by using fragments of a large rock. With P'Li having been freed and the group's opponents defeated, they made their getaway with Ghazan driving their truck. At the sight of Zaheer and P'Li's romantic reunion, Ghazan got annoyed.[4]

The Red Lotus plots their escape

Ghazan and his associates discussed how to leave Republic City covertly after Zaheer was discovered infiltrating Air Temple Island.

The reunited team took up residence at an abandoned house in Republic City that had been overrun by spirit vines. Now being hunted by the police after Zaheer had been caught infiltrating Air Temple Island, Ghazan asked Zaheer if he still planned to take out President Raiko, but was told it would have to wait and they would instead use their time to escape. They ambushed a man driving a delivery truck and forced him to hide them as he made his way out of the city. While on a bridge, the truck was stopped at a police checkpoint, where the on-duty officer caught the driver lying, forcing him to abandon the vehicle. After Zaheer blasted the officers away, the gang made their escape. Ghazan turned the road behind them into lava, stopping the pursuing police vehicles and thus making their attempt successful.

Once the gang was far away from Republic City, Ghazan refuted Ming-Hua's complaints about capturing an officer to ask about Korra's whereabouts by saying the Avatar could have been anywhere, to which Zaheer informed them she was with the Metal Clan.[7]

Second attempt to kidnap Korra[]

The Red Lotus uses lava as cover

Ghazan created a lava moat to protect himself and his companions from the Metal Clan.

Making their way to Zaofu, Ghazan and his allies infiltrated Suyin Beifong's estate via a secret tunnel leading into Aiwei's house. The group sneaked past Mako and Bolin's room and approached Korra's room. Ghazan and P'Li entered after Zaheer paralyzed the Avatar and Naga with shirshu-spit darts and the earthbender grabbed Korra. As they attempted to escape using the same way from which they had arrived, Bolin and Mako were alerted to their presence and engaged in a battle with them, Ghazan clutching the Avatar throughout. The battle soon attracted the attention of the guards, who used searchlights to locate the criminals, and Lin, Suyin, along with the twins Wei and Wing. The criminals were soon entrapped in metal panels, but Ghazan quickly transformed the ground surrounding the prison into a pool of lava, effectively creating a moat. While Zaheer was dragged out of the moat by a guard, Ghazan continued to hold it down while firing chunks of rock at Mako and Bolin, but when P'Li's combustion abilities were disabled, Lin and Suyin were able to rescue Korra. With their mission having failed, Zaheer quickly conjured a giant cloud of dust, allowing the gang to escape under its cover.[2]

Misty Palms Oasis[]

Ghazan creates lava

Ghazan used lavabending to create a pool of lava with which to attack Bolin.

Ghazan and the rest of the Red Lotus later hid out inside a cave near the Misty Palms Oasis while they waited for Zaheer to cross over into the Spirit World to meet with Aiwei. After crossing over, Ghazan and the other members waited until Zaheer's body murmured Avatar Korra's location: the Misty Palms Inn. Ghazan and Ming-Hua left to go capture her while P'Li stayed behind to protect Zaheer's body. Upon arrival, the two noticed Asami riding away with Korra's body atop Naga. They began to pursue her, but were stopped by Mako and Bolin. Ghazan dealt with Bolin and was able to lavabend every rock barrier his opponent attempted to create, keeping him on the run. After effectively blocking one attack from Bolin, Ghazan fired three balls of the molten rock, chasing Bolin into a nearby pool, where he was caught by Ming-Hua in a sphere of water. Ghazan was instructed by his associate to try and catch Korra. The lavabender attempted to catch up with Korra and Asami, only for them to be captured by the Earth Queen's men instead. However, Ghazan and Ming-Hua managed to capture and bring Mako and Bolin to the cave where the rest of the Red Lotus was camped out. While there, Zaheer told the rest of the group that they would be headed to Ba Sing Se to recapture Korra.[8]

In Ba Sing Se[]

Amused Ghazan

Ghazan complimented Bolin about being able to make up a story regarding the lavabender which ended up nearly mirroring the truth.

While en route to Ba Sing Se, Ghazan and Ming-Hua guarded the bound up brothers in the back of the truck while Zaheer drove with P'Li sitting next to him. With nothing else to do, the four in the back engaged in a conversation. Although Ming-Hua and Ghazan deflected Mako's inquiries about their plans, stating that all they had to know was that the world would change for the better, they humored Bolin by answering his questions in regards to their time in prison. Ghazan revealed that even though he had been imprisoned for thirteen years, it had felt like thirty. After Ming-Hua told Bolin that she usually made up stories about her guards, the young earthbender gave it a shot as well, guessing that Ghazan had been raised by an older sister, had started growing his mustache when he was ten, and had an attraction to Ming-Hua, to which the lavabender amusedly stated that two out of three was not a bad guess. The questionnaire was cut short afterward when Zaheer ordered Ghazan to gag the brothers pending their arrival at the Earth Kingdom capital.

Ghazan bringing down the Inner Wall

After the fall of Earth Queen Hou-Ting, Ghazan used his lavabending to bring down the wall and put an end to the class-divisions of Ba Sing Se.

Having arrived, the group made their way toward the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace, where Ghazan witnessed how Zaheer struck a deal with Earth Queen Hou-Ting: information about the airbenders whereabouts for the Avatar. After overhearing that the airship transporting Korra had crashed in the Si Wong Desert, Ghazan warned the rest of the team that there was no way they could track the Avatar down in the desert before the Queen. Deciding to take matters in their own hands and forcing Korra to come to them, the Red Lotus barged into the throne room. When Hou-Ting ordered her Dai Li agents to apprehend them, Ghazan used his earthbending to deflect the agents' signature rock gloves back to them, taking out three agents at once. After all the bodyguards were taken care of and Zaheer had suffocated the Queen, Ghazan made his way toward the wall that separated the Lower and Middle Rings. Upon hearing Zaheer announce over the radio and city's communications system that the city was to be returned to the people, he used his lavabending to bring the enormous wall crumbling down, doing away with the division between the rings of Ba Sing Se. After destroying the wall, Ghazan watched as the people of the Lower Ring stormed through the opening.[6]

Threatening the Air Nation[]

Ghazan earthbending

Ghazan bent an earth pillar in order to knock Bumi off his back after the airbender had bitten him.

After arriving at the Northern Air Temple by airship, Ghazan made his way to the training grounds, where he used his lavabending to obstruct the escape route of the airbenders there and force them to the courtyard where Zaheer and Ming-Hua gathered the other airbenders. As Tenzin realized the Red Lotus was going to use them as leverage to get to Korra, Ghazan was blown back with the others by the airbending master, who called upon his siblings to help fend them off. Ghazan promptly engaged in battle with Bumi, chasing the ex-United Forces commander throughout the temple's courtyard, causing severe damage to the temple in the process. Although having Bumi on the run the entire time, the earthbender was caught off guard and ended up with the airbender on his back, who held his neck in a hold, pulled on his long hair, and even bit him on the shoulder. Enraged, Ghazan bent an earth pillar to launch Bumi off of him. Teaming up with Ming-Hua, Ghazan managed to push Kya and Bumi back onto the temple's balcony and sent them over the rim with a wave of rocks.

Their adversaries taken care of, Ghazan and Ming-Hua came to Zaheer's aid in his fight with Tenzin. Although the airbending master put up a fight and even managed to blast the three Red Lotus members back, Ghazan and his companions released a barrage of attacks on him, overwhelming the tiring bender.[9]

Double-crossing Team Avatar[]

Ghazan awaited with the rest of the airbenders after Korra accepted Zaheer's terms. Upon Mako, Bolin, and Asami's arrival, he led them into the room where Tenzin and the others were being held. When Korra initially refused to surrender, Zaheer told him to kill the airbenders, but was quickly told to stand down when the Avatar did submit. Ghazan let them go over to reach the rest of the captives, only for Ming-Hua to reveal their double-cross. Afterward, Ghazan and Ming-Hua began to duel Mako and Bolin, but the frustrated waterbender told him to just "bury them already". Acting on these words, Ghazan turned the whole room to lava, smashing it into walls and supports, doing so to the entire temple as he and Ming-Hua left. As the two left the collapsing structure on an airship, they noticed Zaheer flying by on his own, prompting Ghazan to dryly remark he did not need a ride.

Meeting up with Zaheer in a hidden cave, Ghazan asked his associate how he pulled off flight and was told he had done so by releasing his earthly desires, prompting the lavabender and Ming-Hua to give confused looks. Zaheer also told them P'Li had given herself up for their cause and her death would not be in vain and led Ghazan and Ming-Hua to Korra's prison hold.[10]

Final battle and death[]

At the prison hold, Ghazan stood by while a Red Lotus guard administered a poisonous substance to Korra which would trigger the Avatar State; upon full activation, Ghazan and Ming-Hua were told to attack so as to kill Korra and end the Avatar Cycle. He prepared by turning the floor below Korra to lava. Watching her attempt to resist, the lavabender wondered why she was not staying in the Avatar State, to which he was told by Zaheer to wait; she could not resist forever. As soon as the state was fully triggered, however, Korra separated the earth she was chained to and attacked Ming-Hua, prompting Ghazan to use lavabending in an attempt to counter, but he was shocked to watch as Korra stopped the attack and directed it back at him. He was able to get out of the way as the Avatar launched a series of large rocks at them. After Zaheer and Korra left the hold and Mako, Bolin, and Tonraq arrived, Ghazan blocked any attempt for them to assist the Avatar by shooting rocks at them.

Ghazan dealt with Bolin, blocking his attacks and running behind a large rock to tackle his foe before being quickly thrown off. Nonetheless, he recovered and fired back, smirking as he remembered his last duel with Bolin. He turned to lavabending, only to learn that his foe had discovered the ability himself, dodging the attack being thrown back at him. Ghazan continued to smirk, realizing that was how he got out of the temple and asked to see what he had before continuing the fight.

Ghazan's death

Adamant about not returning to prison, Ghazan caused a cave in, hoping to trap Mako and Bolin with him.

For the most part, Ghazan was on the offensive, pursuing Bolin with lava blasts and dodging any attack his fellow lavabender had. He was able to get behind Bolin, but before he could take a shot, Mako arrived and threw him down with a fire blast, much to Bolin's surprise and happiness. Ghazan was overwhelmed by the two brothers' attacks and fell to the ground. In a final act of frustration and desperation, Ghazan declared that he would not return to prison, and that he would take them down with him, before proceeding to use both his earthbending and lavabending to collapse the cave in an attempt to kill Mako and Bolin. However, Ghazan was unsuccessful, and the cave collapsed on top of him, resulting in his death, while the brothers barely escaped.[1]


Ghazan demonstrated himself to be rather laid back, being perfectly at ease after both escaping his own jail cell and freeing Ming-Hua from hers,[5] as well as being the only member not to have any complaints regarding the group's plan to escape from Republic City.[7] He also had a sense of humor[6] and could take sarcasm well, shrugging off Ming-Hua's remarks on his appearance.[5]

In battle, however, Ghazan displayed a more serious and merciless side of himself. He was loyal to Zaheer and the Red Lotus, doing whatever it took to fulfill their goal. When faced with overwhelming odds, he was willing to kill himself rather than surrender and be sent back to prison, a trait which ultimately cost him his life.

Ghazan was very much a man who enjoyed his freedom, even to the point where a lavabending battle to the death was more appealing to him than incarceration. He had a tendency in battle to draw things out, despite the obvious lethality of his lavabending, most likely due to his thirteen years of imprisonment having an effect on his sense of priority. He was also known not to underestimate his opponents, commenting on Bolin's lavabending, and taking his own life when faced by the combined force of Mako and Bolin.

He was a somewhat competitive man who was rather prideful in his skills as a master lavabender. Upon seeing Bolin lavabend, he decided to challenge him, desiring to see who was the better lavabender despite having just complimented him on his skills.



A talented master earthbender, Ghazan could manipulate large amounts of earth and rocks with masterful skill. He could redirect earth projectiles launched at him with great speed and precision, as demonstrated when he fought the Dai Li and used their rock gloves against them.[6] Ghazan was powerful enough to single-handedly defeat former Fire Lord Zuko, overwhelming him with strikes of fragmented earth.


Ghazan lavabending

As a testament to his skill, Ghazan was able to create lava from earth.

Ghazan's most formidable ability was lavabending, a rare form of earthbending that allowed him to phase-change earth into lava and back. This liquefied earth can be bent into forms like a shuriken, which he used as a powerful offensive weapon, capable of striking opponents as well as easily cutting and burning through wood and other materials without losing power. He also displayed the ability to turn large patches of the ground into lava and otherwise manipulate lava with great dexterity.[7] He could even liquefy earth being shot at him from another earthbender to use as a counterattack. Even detached from the ground, he could still lavabend earth that was close by to him. He accomplished great feats of lavabending including: taking down the inner walls of Ba Sing Se, destroying the Northern Air Temple, and destroying an entire cave.

Other skills[]

Ghazan displayed noticeable strength and agility fitting his physique, enabling him to avoid counterattacks.[5] He also displayed adept driving skills, able to drive a large vehicle through an icy landscape with great control.[4] When battling hand-to-hand, he incorporated wrestling techniques in his fighting style.


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


  • Ghazan was the second person to take their own life in The Legend of Korra, after Tarrlok.
    • He was also the eighth person to die on-screen in the series. The others, in chronological order, were Amon, Tarrlok, Wan, Unalaq, Hou-Ting, P'Li, Ming-Hua, and Hiroshi Sato.
    • He was also the second known person to have attempted murder-suicide, the others being Tarrlok and Gilak.
  • "Ghazan" is phonetically similar to kazan (火山, かざん),[11] the Japanese word for volcano.
    • In the Chinese dub, Ghazan's name is written as 吉贊.
    • Ghazan is also a name of Turkic origin.
  • Ghazan's shoulder tattoo bears a resemblance to the Bunga Terung tattoo of the Iban people, an indigenous ethnic group in Borneo.
  • Originally, Ghazan was going to have a one-syllable name that was phonetically similar to names like Wu and Tu.[12]
  • Ghazan started growing his mustache when he was ten years old.[13]
  • Ghazan's lavabending, especially while fighting close range, is loosely based on Bājíquán, a martial art that utilizes explosive elbow and knee strikes.[14]
  • Along with his fellow Red Lotus members, Ghazan developed a vagabond form of combat, picking up moves as he traveled around the globe and adapting those techniques to his own personal style.[14]


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