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General Fong's fortress[1] was a secluded Earth Kingdom military facility situated in a mountain range on the west coast. It was one of the few remaining Earth Kingdom strongholds in this area during the latter stages of the Hundred Year War. The complex included barracks for the troops, guest quarters, a large infirmary to care for injured soldiers, a temple for prayer, and even a recreation area for soldiers to relax. The fortress held strategic significance to the Earth Kingdom, as its proximity to the Fire Nation mainland made it well positioned for any potential invasion.[2]


Main hall of Fong's fortress

Team Avatar met with Fong in the main hall.

A few weeks after the Siege of the North, Avatar Aang and his friends traveled to this fortress to seek transport to Omashu from General Fong, as Aang was expected to learn earthbending from King Bumi. After receiving a hero's welcome, Fong insisted that Aang was ready to fight the Fire Lord, as he was able to defeat the Fire Nation swiftly with the Avatar State at the North Pole. Aang knew he was not ready, but both he and Fong were intent on ending the Hundred Year War to stop the killing. After several failed attempts to activate the Avatar State and some good advice from Katara, Aang chose not to face the Fire Lord.

After announcing this to General Fong, the general and the entire fortress attacked Aang in an attempt to activate the Avatar State. After Fong tricked Aang into thinking he had killed Katara, Aang finally entered the Avatar State in rage, and thus created a shockwave that left the fortress badly damaged. Aang and his group subsequently departed to Omashu alone to follow their own plans.[3]

The fortress was to serve as the launching point for the invasion of the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun;[4] however, this did not occur due to the fall of Ba Sing Se.[5]


  • Due to its size and self-sufficiency, General Fong's fortress is said to resemble a small city.[6]


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