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The gemsbok bull[1] is an ungulate with the stocky frame of a domestic bull. It is a hybrid of a bull and a gemsbok.[2]


A group of gemsbok bulls lived at the Ba Sing Se Zoo with various other fauna, visibly despondent over the poor living conditions that the facility provided. Avatar Aang came across the zoo during his stay in Ba Sing Se and decided to help the zookeeper, Kenji, establish a new and more expansive zoo in the Agrarian Zone. Aang used his bison whistle to lure the bulls, along with the other animals from the zoo to the Agrarian Zone, where he created new habitats for them with his earthbending.[2]


The gemsbok bull's body is muscular and its head is bovine-esque. It resembles an antelope, such as the bontebok or the springbok, in color pattern and horn shape. Its upper parts are light brown, while its underparts and legs below the knee are cream colored. A border of dark brown marks the transition areas around its knees and its belly. One dark stripe extends from under each eye toward the muzzle, with a third stripe in the middle. A dark stripe extends down its underside from under its chin. The gemsbok bull's long black horns are only slightly curved.


The coloration patterns and antlers of this bovine somewhat resemble those of a gemsbok, while the animal's build resembles that of a bull.


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