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Ganbat is the leader of the bison rustlers responsible for trapping flying bison calves near the Northern Air Temple.[1]


After the discovery of a new breed of flying bison, Ganbat and the other bison rustlers began to establish camps in valleys near the Northern Air Temple, where they began to trap bison calves. Ganbat profited greatly by selling the creatures to Earth Queen Hou-Ting and citizens in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se, who enjoyed bison steaks and other various exotic meats.

In 171 AG, Ganbat and the other poachers began to operate more covertly, due to the arrival of Tenzin and other airbenders to the Northern Air Temple. Despite his attempts to remain unnoticed, two poachers brought Jinora and Kai to Ganbat's camp, both of whom he decided to cage and bring to Ba Sing Se with the rest of the "fresh meat".

Prior to the group's departure, Ganbat inspected the calves one final time and was instantly berated by Jinora, who chastised him for capturing members of an endangered species. Ganbat simply remarked that the rarity of the flying bison make them highly profitable, as the Earth Queen and other members of her court enjoyed exotic meats. In order to taunt the airbender further, Ganbat shared a rumor regarding the Earth Queen's consumption of her father's pet bear, Bosco, some time after the Earth King's death. Ganbat walked away soon after, visibly satisfied over aggravating Jinora.

Meelo attacks Ganbat

Ganbat attempted to trap Meelo in an earth cage, but the airbender managed to evade the attack.

Ganbat and the other poachers attempted to recapture Kai after he escaped his cage, but quickly found themselves ambushed by numerous other airbenders before they could subdue him. The poachers erected walls of earth to shield themselves from the air blasts, while Ganbat attacked Kai with a series of earth columns before the latter could attack the other poachers. He used the same technique to fend off two other airbenders and proceeded to battle Meelo, whom he attempted to trap in an earth cage. Despite his efforts, Meelo evaded the attack and knocked Ganbat down, forcing him to flee the scene on a truck carrying Jinora and the captured baby bison.

Ganbat was promptly pursued by Kai, who caused him to veer astray using his airbender staff. Soon after, the truck was rammed by Oogi and knocked back by another adult bison, who attacked it with a powerful air swipe. Recognizing his defeat, Ganbat exited the truck and surrendered, but he was promptly assaulted by Kai, who continued to attack him out of rage until he was restrained by Tenzin. Following the incident, Bumi and the other airbenders apprehended the bison rustlers and locked them in the cages they used to trap bison calves, before reminding Ganbat and the others never to mess with an airbender's bison.[1]


Ganbat taunts Jinora

Ganbat taunted Jinora when she accused him of being horrible.

Ganbat is relentless in his pursuit of money, having no qualms about neither capturing members of an endangered species nor selling children to black markets in Ba Sing Se. He also revels in the suffering of others, as he enjoyed irritating Jinora by telling her about a rumor regarding the Earth Queen. Although he generally avoids confrontation, Ganbat is ruthless in battle, using primarily offensive attacks meant to debilitate or otherwise severely injure his opponents. Despite this, Ganbat recognizes when he is defenseless, voluntarily surrendering when he was pursued by Kai, Tenzin, and several adult bison.[1]


Bison rustlers defend themselves

Ganbat erected a large earth wall to defend himself against airbenders.

Ganbat is a formidable earthbender capable of creating several large columns of earth in succession during battle. Using this technique, Ganbat was able to temporarily subdue Kai and fend off two other airbenders. He also possessed relatively great agility in battle, as he was able to preemptively erect an earth wall to shield himself before several airbenders could conjure an air blast to attack him. Ganbat temporarily held his own during a duel with Meelo, though the latter ultimately bested the poacher due to his agility.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)


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