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The Gan Jin tribesman was a member of the Gan Jin tribe who hoped to escape persecution from the Fire Nation. In 100 AG, he crossed the Great Divide along with his tribe with the ultimate goal of reaching Ba Sing Se.


After his tribe became refugees, the Gan Jin tribesman was sent ahead of them, hoping to reserve a spot for the canyon guide to lead them through the canyon and approached Aang as the latter was showing Sokka and Katara the beauty of the Great Divide. However, the Zhang tribe appeared moments later, also requesting guidance to cross the canyon. Because of the tribe's absence, the canyon guide remarked that he could not guide people who were not there. Soon after, the Gan Jin tribe arrived, and in light of a compromise proposed by Aang, the two tribes would cross together while the tribes' sick and elderly would fly across on Appa.

After encounters with canyon crawlers, much bickering with the Zhangs, and a plan concocted by Aang, the man and his tribe at last escaped the canyon.

Aang proceeded to settle the feud between the two tribes with a fraudulent story regarding Wei Jin and Jin Wei, the patriarchs of the Zhang and Gan Jin tribes, respectively. The two tribes agreed to travel to the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se as one tribe, joined by the canyon guide.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book One: Water (水)[]


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