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The Future Industries test course is a large facility located on the Sato grounds that is used to test Satomobiles produced by Future Industries.[1]


Asami and Korra racing

Asami and Korra drove around the test course in a race car.

After taking up residence at the mansion, Mako and Bolin, as well as Asami, invited Avatar Korra for a visit. When the Avatar asked what was on tap for the day, Asami told her that she had something "exciting in mind". She took her friends to the test course and, noticing Korra's interest, asked her if she could drive. Upon receiving a negative response from Korra, who noted that she only knew how to "drive" a polar bear dog, Asami offered to take her for a run on the track. The Avatar excitedly accepted, and the two girls put on helmets and got into a race car to race against one of the test drivers. Asami rode in pursuit almost the entire ride, but due to a risky move, she managed to overtake the competition in the final stretch and claim victory.[1]

Layout and description

The Future Industries test course is located at a valley in the mountains surrounding Republic City, within a forest clearing. It is split into multiple sections, but the portion used to test Satomobiles takes up the majority of the course. A black, winding roadway, the circuit is wide and bordered by two red-and-white dividers on either side. It goes around in a loop and is faced by a multi-tiered grandstand where test drives can be viewed and examined from. The stand has a blue roof as well as seven white pillars that jut down from it at the grandstand's facade. Surrounding the track are several buildings where automobiles are stored.


  • The layout of the track, the position of the grandstand, and the race cars' designs can be compared to 1920s era Grand Prix motor racing.


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