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Fung was a member of the Order of the White Lotus who played Pai Sho at a cantina located in the Misty Palms Oasis in the Si Wong Desert. He owned a flower shop not far from this village, which served as a cover for an Order of the White Lotus meeting place. Fung was a crafty, quick-witted old man who was loyal to his fellow White Lotus society members and would go out of his way to help them.[1]


When Iroh and Zuko were in need of help while traveling through the Misty Palms Oasis, Iroh spotted Fung at a Pai Sho table at the oasis' cantina, recognizing him as a fellow member of the White Lotus society. Iroh approached the Pai Sho table and asked Fung if he could play. After opening the game by placing the white lotus tile in the center of the board, Fung and Iroh formed a lotus pattern by rote with the Pai Sho pieces, a secret handshake of sorts that identified Iroh as a member of the clandestine Order of the White Lotus.

However, Iroh and Zuko were being followed by Xin Fu and Master Yu, who wanted to collect the Fire Nation bounties that had been put on their heads. Although Master Yu wanted to wait until they had left the bar, so as to avoid an unnecessary fight with the locals over the bounty, Xin Fu lost his patience and went for them. Fung intercepted him, asking loudly if he was trying to collect the bounty on Zuko and Iroh's heads. This elicited the interest of all the "desperate characters" present in the tavern, creating a diversion. Fung, Iroh, and Zuko managed to escape during the chaotic bar brawl that followed.

Fung led them to the flower shop where he and Iroh had an exclusive "members only" meeting in the back room, much to Zuko's dismay. The meeting resulted in the arrangements for Iroh and Zuko to travel to the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se, where they would hide among the countless refugees in plain sight. Fung provided passports for them and later arranged transport for Iroh and Zuko to Ba Sing Se.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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