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Full Moon Bay is a secluded cove in the East Lake, located just south of Ba Sing Se. During the Hundred Year War, it was the location of a hidden ferry station that refugees from all over the southern portion of the Earth Kingdom came to on their way to Ba Sing Se.[1]


Overview of Full Moon Bay

An overview of Full Moon Bay.

Iroh and Zuko, carrying false passports, ventured to Full Moon Bay and were able to acquire tickets for the ferry. Aang and his friends, however, had a more difficult time; Aang tried to gain access by informing the passport attendant that he was the Avatar, but she dismissed him as she had seen "fifty Avatars a day". The situation was quickly remedied by Toph, who presented her passport, which dazzled the attendant to the point of giving the whole group tickets.

As the team was preparing to leave, Suki encountered them and reintroduced herself, revealing that she and the Kyoshi Warriors had all taken jobs as security detail to guide refugees to the ferries. However, while the group caught up, they learned that Than, his sister, and Ying, who had all traveled with Team Avatar to the bay, had been robbed. After the attendant denied them replacement tickets, Aang decided that he would lead the entire group through the Serpent's Pass, and they left shortly thereafter with Suki joining them.[1]


  • Full Moon Bay was named after the real-life Half Moon Bay in northern California.[2]
  • Full Moon Bay has defensive battlements, even though it was stated that the place was hidden.


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