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This article is about the spirit Wan encountered in the Spirit Wilds. For the two-headed frog Korra met in the Spirit World, see May-Jim.
"Who's little now?"
— The frog spirit mocking Wan.[1]

The frog spirit was an amphibian spirit that inhabited the Spirit Wilds near the lion turtle city from which Wan was banished.[1]


After he was banished into the Spirit Wilds, Wan inadvertently stepped on this spirit, who yelled at the firebender to grab his attention. Initially alarmed by the nearby presence of a spirit, Wan vocally expressed his relief in seeing the frog spirit, due to their relatively small size. To his surprise, however, the frog spirit began to morph and grow larger and mocked Wan for his earlier comments. The frog spirit proceeded to try and crush Wan under their foot and, after this first attempt was unsuccessful, lashed out their tongue as a final resort, prompting Wan to flee deeper into the wilds.

After Wan denounced humanity, opting to live with the spirits and learn their ways, the frog spirit and Wan reconciled, as the former was among a group of spirits that watched as Wan honed his firebending by learning the Dancing Dragon from a white dragon, clapping in admiration upon the human's completion of the technique.[1]


The frog spirit was capable of morphing into various different sizes, allowing him to effectively fend off any individual who threatened their well-being. The frog spirit's voice also varied dramatically depending on their size, becoming progressively deeper the larger they became.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)


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