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Four Nations Tournament, alternatively titled 4 Nations Tournament on the title card, is a game hosted on Nick.com.


The Four Nations Bending Ball Tournament, "where bending masters are separated from pretending masters," has begun. Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko represent their respective nations, and they all aim to win.

The player must choose one combatant and attempt to defeat the opposite teams. In the one-player mode, the player tries to win three matches against other combatants. In the two-player mode, the players face off against each other in one match.


One-player mode[]

  • Arrow keys – Move in respective directions
  • "-" – Offensive bending skills (additional information below)
  • "+" – Defensive bending skills (additional information below)
  • Space-bar – Volley (additional information below)

Two-player mode[]

The following controls adhere to player two only. Player one uses the one-player mode controls.
  • "W" – Move upward
  • "A" – Move leftward
  • "S" – Move downward
  • "D" – Move rightward
  • "2" – Offensive bending skills (additional information below)
  • "1" – Defensive bending skills (additional information below)
  • Space-bar – "Go for the goal" (in shootout only, additional information below)


Four Nations Tournament gameplay

Aang and Katara face off in a game of Four Nations Tournament.

Upon pressing "Play" and after choosing a mode, the player must choose Aang, Katara, Zuko, or Toph.

An energy bar at the top of the screen gives basic understanding as to how much bending ability the player's character has left. Bending skills, offensive or defensive, can no longer be used by the player when the bar is empty; over time, energy replenishes, allowing the character to use his or her skills again. The skills available are unique to whichever character the player is using, but they each follow the same outline of being either offensive or defensive.

Energy can be replenished by catching power-ups that "pop-up" from the ground in random locations; they are represented by the national emblems. They can be collected by either running over and grabbing them or throwing a ball at them. There are four power-ups, but the player should only catch the one that matches their character's nation; for example, Katara should only go for the power-ups with Water Tribe emblems on them, Zuko only for Fire Nation emblems, etc. If a character collects a power-up that does not match his or her nationality, energy will deplete.

There are also "Momo's bonuses", which, when collected, raise the player's point total.

Character moves and specifications[]

As outlined in the game's tutorials, each character has different attributes that may make him or her more favorable depending on an individual's own gaming preferences. These attributes concern the playing field as well as the character's own unique skills, all of which are based on the respective character's bending ability. There are also a few hindrances that come with the advantages. When chosen by the player:

Aang's self-made tornado

Aang creates a tornado around himself in his air temple homefield.

  • Aang's "homefield", so to speak, is an air temple. Wind blows within the temple constantly, changing direction randomly. Although his opponents must fight against the wind, Aang is unaffected by the heavy gales. Also, tornadoes will sometimes form on the field. They can capture the ball if the ball gets to close too them, and the ball will subsequently fly in an unpredictable direction. Unlike other characters, Aang will regenerate energy if he comes into contact with a tornado. The longer he is in contact, the more energy is restored. His skills include:
    • Air wave – Offensive. Changes the direction of the ball from a distance, rebounding it further into the opponent's side of the field. The ball must be moving toward Aang's end of the field for the air wave to work, and the player must have "lined Aang up" in the direction in which the ball is moving. One should use it before the ball reaches Aang's zone.
    • Self-made tornado – Defensive. When the ball gets close to Aang, the player can create a tornado so that the ball whirls around Aang. An "arrow guide" will appear once the ball has been caught in the air current and releasing the "+" key will shoot the ball in whatever direction the arrow is pointing at the given time.
Ice wall

Katara sustains an ice wall in front of her goal line.

  • Katara's homefield is entirely made of thick ice. Her opponents will slide on the ice, but she will not. A canal runs through the center of the field, and it will flood the field every so often. The water replenishes Katara's energy, but it pushes both her and her opponent slightly backward. Her skills include:
    • Water whip – Offensive. When standing in front of an opponent, Katara's use of the water whip will temporarily freeze her opponent. Its weakness is its limited range.
    • Ice wall – Defensive. Most powerful defense in the game, but it drains more energy. It will protect Katara's goal for as long as the player holds down the "+" key, or until her energy runs out. Although the ice wall can be destroyed by some of the opponent's attacks, it will not be damaged by the ball.
Fire wall

Zuko's fire wall keeps the ball volleying on the opponent's side, raising the chances for him to score a goal.

  • Zuko's homefield appears to be some sort of firebender's battle chamber. The center section of the field is covered with burning embers, on top of which only Zuko can walk. Flames will burst from the floor at anytime, and when Zuko makes contact, his energy is refilled. His skills include:
    • Fire wall – Offensive. Appears at the center of the field and stays for as long as the "-" key is held down. Permitting that it has passed into the opponent's zone before the fire wall has been erected, the ball will volley between the wall and the actual character. The opponent is forced to play alone, putting him or her at risk of scoring on him or herself. The ball also has a slim chance of passing through the fire wall on the northernmost and southernmost ends of the wall. Overusing this skill could be detrimental to Zuko's energy.
    • Arc of fire – Defensive. Zuko can create this to block the ball's path and keep it from entering his goal. The player should make sure the ball is heading directly toward Zuko when creating an arc of fire. The arc can never appear behind Zuko.
Toph's boulder

The large stone beside Zuko was a result of Toph's stone-throwing skill.

  • Toph's homefield is surrounded by rock walls on either side, the only openings being the goals on the left and right. Standing beside earth pillars that rise from the ground allows Toph to replenish her energy. Her skills include:
    • Stone-throwing – Offensive. Holding down the "-" key makes Toph generate a stone. As it automatically floats across the screen toward the opponent's side of the field, the player should press the up or down arrow keys to change its direction. The "-" should be released when the player believes it prudent to drop the ball for whatever reason. It is best to drop it where it will obstruct the opponent's path and keep him or her from getting the ball; the stone remains on the ground for a short time after it falls. The longer the "-" key is held down, however, the more energy drains.
    • Underground travel – Defensive. Return to the goalpost in an instant.

There is one skill exhibited by every combatant that can be considered the basic move of both offense and defense. When the space-bar is pressed, a character will form a barrier respective of his or her bending ability in front of him or herself, rebounding the ball back toward the opponent. When the opponent returns the ball to the player's side in this same fashion, the result is called a shootout.

Rules as outlined by the "How to Play"[]

  1. One must shoot the ball into his or her opponent's goal
  2. One cannot catch the ball except during a shootout
  3. The first player to score five goals wins the round
  4. One must win two-out-of-three rounds to win a match

Game interface[]

Game interface

The game interface keeps track of the energy level, the player's score, the game score, and wins and losses.

The game interface keeps track of the player's victories, losses, energy level, and overall score.


Points can be earned through numerous methods. This is an incomplete list of those methods and the amount of points gained from each one.

  • Momo's bonuses – 2500 points
  • Score a goal – 500 points
  • Collect a power-up – 250 points
  • An additional bonus is earned by the player if they win a round by a five-to-nothing sweep.


  • Zuko's scar is on the right side of his face instead of the left except when he is player one's character.


  • Once a character has been chosen and the player presses "Play", a box will appear asking if the player would like to participate in the tutorial. Each character has a specific person assigned to appear in this box and guide the character through the tutorial. For Aang, Avatar Roku is shown. He is described as an "Ancient Avatar Spirit". Katara's master, Pakku, is a "Water bender". Zuko has Uncle Iroh as a guide, and he is described, as was Pakku, simply by his bending skill: a "Fire bender". Toph has an unusual master to teach her the sport; the "King of Omashu", Bumi, is summed up as "Earth bender" like most of the others. However, Toph had not met Bumi by the time this game takes place.
  • Round 1 is played at player one's home field and Round 2 is played at player two's home field. If a same player wins both, it is game over. Otherwise, Round 3 is played at one of the other two fields, so neither player will have home advantage.

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