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New discussions will be held at Avatar Wiki:War Room.

The Avatar Wiki War Room is for community discussion and discussion for major improvements, and is open to all community members. Feel free to propose and discuss:
  • Changes that will affect part of the wiki or the whole wiki
  • Policy changes and changes to existing practices
  • Anything else that the whole community needs input on

It is your responsibility to check that your proposal has not previously failed to pass. If this is the case, it will be closed unless there are entirely new insights or arguments in favor.


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Active discussions
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Male Voice Actors in Legend of Korra17:37, February 19, 2014Lady Botris
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Undo Template18:27, January 6, 2014Lady Botris
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IRC Rules-:-Swearing02:01, December 28, 2013KettleMeetBot
Fanon advertising idea10:31, December 15, 2013Lady Botris
Character Classifications and Categorizations for Groups and Organizations10:33, October 27, 2013Lady Botris
Episode Quotes11:12, May 20, 2013Lady Botris
IRC Bots11:12, May 20, 2013Lady Botris
Fanon council creation11:07, May 20, 2013Lady Botris
Separate Comic Pages02:18, March 17, 2013KettleMeetBot

Archived discussions
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Removal of "unnamed" in page titles16:41, July 9, 2015Lady Lostris
Minute Pages07:54, July 9, 2015Lady Lostris
The First Appearance template18:40, June 22, 2015Lady Lostris
Battle's appearances18:39, June 22, 2015Lady Botris
Adding map to all location articles18:39, June 22, 2015Lady Botris
Main Page Slider14:54, June 20, 2015Lady Botris
Slider Update14:54, June 20, 2015Lady Botris
Misleading14:54, June 20, 2015Lady Botris
Characters14:54, June 20, 2015Lady Botris
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