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Fortress Fight 2 is a game hosted on Nick.com that is also available on the Android Market.


The goal in Fortress Fight 2 is identical to that in its predecessor; the player has to destroy his or her opponent's fortress before their own is destroyed.


All actions are performed through the left mouse click.

  • Holding down the mouse click allows one to choose the strength of the proceeding attack and, depending on where the mouse stands at the time of projectile release, the projectile's landing area will be determined. (additional information below)


Fortress and battlefield specifications[]

Avatar Fortress Fight 2 fortresses

Players can choose from one of three fortresses: Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, or Fire Nation.

There are three fortress types available to choose from, each of which is represented by the three thriving nations of the Avatar World: the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation.

Once one of these fortresses has been selected, the game chooses one of four locations that will become the battlefield. Each of these fields has specific advantages and disadvantages that affect both fortresses.

  • Air Nomad Realm: All bending attacks cost less energy.
  • Northern Region: Since the Ocean and Moon Spirits manipulate the elements in this area of the world, the amount of healing and repairs is greater here than anywhere else.
  • Western Region: Increases the attack power of all weapons.
  • Eastern Hemisphere: With most of this region's benders defending the land from its "constant bombardment" elsewhere, bending attacks cost more energy.

Bending attacks[]

Water Tribe fortress[]
  • Storm front (70 points) – It increases the power of the attacks and the opponent's bending attacks will cost more points.
  • Pool of healing (60 points) – After every enemy turn, a small amount of repair is done to your fortress. Lasts for four turns.
  • Ice barrier (30 points) – Protects your fortress from a small amount of damage.
Earth Kingdom fortress[]
  • Sky stone (30 points) – A stone will be raised in the air before your fortress, blocking incoming projectiles.
  • Earth wave (90 points) – Creates a slow moving earth avalanche that, if not destroyed in four turns, deals a large amount of damage to the opponent's fortress.
  • White dragon vines (70 points) – Shields your fortress from any small or moderate amount of damage and repairs the building.
Fire Nation fortress[]
  • Ignite (30 points) – Sets your projectile on fire, which will slightly increase the damage amount.
  • Firebird (50 points) – Claims all bonuses and destroys all projectiles in its path.
  • Meteor (50 points) – Deals a large amount of damage to the opponent's base.


Water Tribe fortress[]

  • Water sphere – Deals a moderate amount of damage and increases any bonuses collected.
  • Ice spears – Launches three ice spears, each dealing a small amount of damage.
  • Tidal ball – Deals a large amount of damage. Its power may be increased in case a storm cloud is put around the enemy's fortress.

Earth Kingdom fortress[]

  • Spark rock – An attack that splits into many stones, each dealing a slight amount of damage.
  • Stone lance – Deals a moderate amount of damage to the enemy's buildings.
  • Earth fist – Deals a large amount of damage to the enemy's buildings.

Fire Nation fortress[]

  • Lava rock – An attack that splits into multiple smaller lava rocks after impact, each dealing a small amount of damage.
  • Sun flare – Sends an arc of fire on impact, dealing a large amount of damage.
  • Magma bomb – Causes large damage and sets the opponent's fortress on fire.

Structure functions[]

Each building that is a part of the fortress has a unique ability that is capable of turning the tide of any battle; however, as that structure is worn away by the bombardment of an enemy fortress, its functionality decreases until, once totally destroyed, it is no longer of any use. A list of the structures (excluding the main fortress building) and their abilities is as follows:

  • Armory – Creates weapons to use against the enemy fortress.
  • Bending tower – Increases the speed at which bending power regenerates.

Repairs and replenishment[]

Repairs and replenishment

Here is a Fire Nation fortress' repair/replenishment screen upon the first level's victory. Note that Zuko is acting as a representative.

At the end of each succeeding battle in single-player mode, a screen will appear that allows the player to spend gold pieces that his or her character has acquired through the course of the game, on the repair of the fortress' exterior and the replenishment of weapon supplies.

Character representatives[]

Every time a player executes an attack, the image of that nation's most prominent character appearing in Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender is shown. That character will glow when the fortress launches the chosen attack. Players who choose a Fire Nation fortress are represented by Zuko; those with a Water Tribe fortress by Katara; and those with an Earth Kingdom fortress by Aang.


  • Aang is not of the Earth Kingdom, yet he represents the Earth Kingdom's fortress.

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