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"If you had some silver weighing you down, maybe you'd be less keen a burglar."
Avatar Yangchen to Kavik.

"Forgiveness" is the fourth chapter of The Dawn of Yangchen.


Avatar Yangchen heals and talks to Kavik, learning of his job as an errand runner. She decides to give him money and lets him go.


The Avatar's guards take Kavik to the basement of the Blue Manse and beat him despite Yangchen's warning not to do it. They hoist him to his feet when they hear the Air Nomad approach, who notices a trickle of blood leaking from the corner of the boy's mouth. She addresses Captain Gai, the leader of her guards, and fires him and the rest of his men, commanding them to report to Boma and tell him what they did. The guards leave the basement and leave the Avatar and Kavik alone.

The waterbender throws himself at her feet, begging for forgiveness, but Yangchen kneels down, raises his head, and takes his hands to heal them from the frostbite. She explains to him that Air Nomads do not have much in the way of possessions, so he had chosen the wrong stage in the Avatar cycle to rob the Avatar, but he responds that he did not know it was the Avatar's room he had break into nor was he after valuables but rather information he can sell. This picks Yangchen's history, realizing he is one of those errand runners that Bin-Er is famous for. She repeats a saying she has heard: "Everyone you meet in Bin-Er is in someone else's pocket", and thus asks Kavik which shang he works for. The boy claims to be independent, trying to survive day to day. She asks if he has a family, to which Kavik responds that he does not, as he came to Bin-Er by himself after his parents died. Yangchen concludes that he is alone and mentions that she cannot imagine what it is like for him as she has never been alone. Kavik says it is hard to prosper in the city unlike the stories people tell. When the Avatar confirms he only runs errands for money, she pulls out a large purse from her sleeve and resolves that if he had some silver, he would be "less keen a burglar". The boy is confused, thinking she plans to let him go, but Yangchen argues that it is a matter of convenience and loosens the drawstrings. Kavik stops her and says that an Air Avatar should not touch money, but she dismisses his warning and pours a stream of coins into his hands. She then proceeds to explain Kavik the way out of the Blue Manse, warning him to be careful and not let anyone see him. Kavik puts the money in his pockets and leaves the guest house without anyone accosting him. As he walks away, he attempts to process the strange event.

Kavik walks through the streets of Bin-Er, making sure no one is following him from behind, until he arrives to the entrance of a shelter and knocks on the door. A gray-haired Water Tribe woman, Mama Ayunerak, who runs a kitchen for workers without work, opens it for him. Kavik offers her a fistful of the coins, avoiding her questioning, and suggest her to visit her cousins in Port Tuugaq with part of the money. Ayunerak is too shocked by it to say anything before Kavik leaves.

The waterbender then heads to Bin-Er's Water Tribe Quarter, where his home is, one of the largest in the neighborhood. He announces his arrival, and his mother welcomes him, asking him about his day. Kavik omits having met the Avatar and any information related to his job. His father tells him about the trouble in the square of the city, asking him to be creful when he passes through it the next day, and Kavik asks what is for dinner.

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