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Indifferent Azula I am a 400 foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings.

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"You possess the seeds of knowledge already. Plant it at the core of the Earth and you will find what you seek."
— The forest spirit advising Aang in "The Forest".

The forest spirit is a supernatural entity who watches over the forested regions of the northwestern Earth Kingdom. He resides within a small labyrinthine cavern located in close proximity to two small villages.

When aggravated, the forest spirit manifests itself as a ferocious behemoth, but emerges as an elderly man when placid. He is revered by residents of the nearby settlements, who look to him for wisdom and counsel.[1]


After defeating the jailer, Team Avatar was surprised to discover that the detained Lian had escaped during the battle. They examined her cell and discovered a map of an Earth Kingdom village. Assuming that this would be the next target for numerous war machines to attack, the gang decided to travel to the village in an attempt to protect the residents.

Upon their arrival, they were approached by an elderly citizen who notified them of machines terrorizing a small town in the northeastern part of the region. The team decided to travel up north, where they reconnected with Haru and Tyro. They successfully defeated the machines and were able to restore peace among the two villages. Following the battle, Tyro told Aang to seek out the forest spirit, as he may have had knowledge regarding the origin of the war mechanisms.

Together, Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Haru searched the surrounding woodlands and soon discovered a cavern hidden near the northeastern section of the district. They explored the vicinity of the cave, but found that it was abandoned, save for various fauna that roamed the grounds.

They reached an enclosed section of the caverns and immediately felt a strong spiritual energy nearby. Sokka expressed no concern, exclaiming that there was no reason to be frightened of empty caves. Unbeknownst to him, the forest spirit had become aware of their presence and was standing directly behind him. The team initiated a battle and eventually triumphed over the beast.

Following its defeat, the creature disintegrated into bioluminescent specks, all of which united to form the silhouette of an old man. The sage was the forest spirit's docile form, and he deemed Team Avatar worthy of his wisdom as they exhibited tremendous courage and strength while battling him in his chimeric form.

Aang subsequently asked the spirit if he knew any information about the war machines. After several proverbial statements which aggravated Sokka, the spirit claimed that the team already had the knowledge they sought, and that all they needed to do from there on was plant that knowledge in the center of the Earth. After much deliberation, Aang concluded that the center of the Earth must be the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu, and that the information they sought could be found in the Royal Library.[1]


The forest spirit has two immediate manifestations, emerging either as a monstrous beast or an old man depending on his level of angst.

Ancestral bear

When threatened or aggravated, the forest spirit takes on the form of a gargantuan beast, similar in appearance to both the ram and the grizzly bear. The forest spirit has a relatively intimidating head, consisting of two blood red eyes, a large nose, and a large mouth filled with sharp fangs, the most notable being the two saber-like canines that protrude from the top of its jaw.

From the side of its head extend a pair of large gray horns, most commonly used to ram trespassers. This beast is generally dark brown in coloration, apart from a section on its back that is solely white. In addition, the creature has four large legs with three sharp claws that extend from the tip of each paw. The forest spirit uses this form in battle, as the large bulky body and the sharp physical attributes are capable of injuring its opponents considerably.[1]

Elderly man

When docile, the forest spirit emerges as an elderly man with white hair and fair skin wearing traditional Earth Kingdom attire. The forest spirit only appears in this state when it deems visitors worthy, usually determined by their actions in battle against the spirit's chimeric form.

In this state, the forest spirit often gives counsel to those who seek it, phrasing his advice in a relatively proverbial manner. His statements are initially unclear and only of true help after being decoded and analyzed. In this form, the forest spirit is able to appear and disappear at will, leaving behind specks of light.[1]


  • The way in which the forest spirit disintegrates bears resemblance to how dark spirits leave in peace after being subdued by waterbending, the only difference being that the forest spirit leaves white specks of light as opposed to gold.


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