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This article is about the prison in the Spirit World. For other locations used for imprisonment, see Prisons (disambiguation).
"The Fog of Lost Souls is a spirit prison for humans. I read about that in ancient text. The fog is actually a spirit that infects your mind and slowly drives you mad, imprisoning you in your own darkest memories."
Tenzin explains the nature of the fog to his siblings.[1]

The Fog of Lost Souls is a boundless prison for humans located within the Spirit World. It is inhabited by a sentient fog spirit that can infect the minds of individuals, effectively driving them insane by imprisoning them in their own darkest memories.[1]


Following the Siege of the North in 100 AG, La imprisoned Admiral Zhao in the Fog of Lost Souls as punishment for temporarily killing Tui.[2] Eventually, Zhao was driven to insanity by his endless pursuit of Avatar Aang.

By the time Iroh assembled Legacy of the Fire Nation, he was aware of the prison and the lost souls within it.[3]

Jinora was brought to the Fog of Lost Souls after being captured by Unalaq in 171 AG. Her imprisonment in the fog caused her connection to the physical world to weaken and prompted Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya to journey into the Spirit World in order to retrieve her spirit. After getting lost, Iroh arrived with a Knowledge Seeker to guide them out, but on learning of their reason for being there, he offered words of caution and a cryptic hint of where Jinora might be before vanishing. Tenzin quickly realized that Iroh was referring to the fog.

Trapped in his own darkest memory, Zhao mistook Tenzin for an older version of Avatar Aang, whom he desperately wanted to capture.

The three siblings managed to find the fog by antagonizing a scorpion spider spirit they had run-in with earlier, who brought them to the Fog of Lost Souls as a means of imprisoning them for eternity. After being dumped into the fog, Tenzin recalled the legends of the prison and urged his siblings to remain focused in order to prevent the spirit from weakening their resolve. After Kya inquired as to how long an individual could remain trapped in the Fog of Lost Souls, the three siblings stumbled upon Zhao, who mistook Tenzin for Aang. Bumi and Kya managed to fend off Zhao, the latter using her waterbending to put some distance between them and the deluded admiral, before they hastily fled the scene. Soon after, however, they started to slowly find themselves weakening and succumbing to the fog's effects.

Wandering aimlessly in the fog, Tenzin saw a vision of Aang transforming into himself, finally realizing he had to step out of his father's shadow.

Tenzin urged his siblings to remain focused, to no avail. Eventually, Bumi became paranoid that they were surrounded by cannibals and Kya refused to believe that she had any family, prompting the two to remove the cloth that fastened the three of them together and subsequently flee from Tenzin in opposite directions. Following this, Tenzin wandered aimlessly and recited he was the son of Aang over and over again in an attempt to remain calm, but found himself confronting his uncertainty of being able to live up to his father's name. Shortly after, a vision of Aang appeared, who urged Tenzin to stop emulating somebody else's life, in favor of shaping his own. Tenzin's moment of realization caused the fog to dissipate temporarily, allowing him enough time to gather Jinora, Kya, and Bumi and leave the Fog of Lost Souls before the spirit appeared again.[1]

Months later, Zaheer transported himself and Aiwei to this location and, holding the metalbender responsible for the Red Lotus' failure to kidnap Avatar Korra, threw him into the fog.[4]


When the fog dissipates, the lost souls can clearly be seen.

The Fog of Lost Souls is located deep in the Spirit World and settled in a canyon surrounded by sharp rock formations. It prevents a person's spirit from returning to their corporeal form, and humans that venture inside typically do not find their way out, remaining there even after their bodies had passed away.[5] The fog is impervious to bending, as it immediately recovered after Tenzin attempted to use airbending to clear the area. The only known way to exit the Fog of Lost Souls is to clear one's mind and accept one's own fears, at which the fog spirit dissipates long enough to allow an individual to escape.[1]


  • By 124 AG, Avatar Aang knew about the Fog of Lost Souls, as he told Tenzin about it in his book.[6]

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