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This descendant of the foaming mouth guy was a fanatical supporter of Amon, leader of the Equalists.


Even though her ancestor, the foaming mouth guy of Kyoshi Island,[1] was possibly the biggest fan of the Avatar,[2] this girl became a supporter of Equalist leader Amon, who opposed the Avatar and all benders.[3]

In 170 AG, she attended the Revelation rally, where she quietly observed how Amon showcased his ability to remove people's bending.[4] Even after the Equalists' Anti-bending Revolution ended in failure and Amon was exposed as a waterbender, she remained loyal to his memory.[3]


The foaming mouth guy's descendant was described as being an extreme fan of Amon to the extent of staying to loyal to him even after his defeat and demise.[3]


  • There were originally plans for the descendant to act as a "foaming mouth girl" at the Revelation rally, but this plan was scrapped as the creators felt it undermined the creepiness of the event;[3] however, the idea of a hysterical female fan was later resurrected for a Korra fangirl in the Pro-bending Arena audience during the pro-bending finals.[5][6]
  • Bryan Konietzko toyed with the idea of bringing her back at some point for later seasons of The Legend of Korra.[3]
  • While designing the foaming mouth guy's descendant, Ki Hyun Ryu made a comic about her that circulated among the production staff.[1]