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The foaming mouth guy was a resident of Kyoshi Island and possibly the biggest fan of the Avatar.[1]


When Aang landed on Kyoshi Island in 99 AG, the foaming mouth guy went into a screaming fit and started foaming at the mouth before fainting and falling to the ground.[2] When Katara and Sokka later returned to Kyoshi Island without Aang, who was being held prisoner in Chin Village at the time, the foaming mouth guy repeated his performance, only to be embarrassed when he realized Aang was not with them. He got up, wiped the foam from his mouth and walked away from the crowd, his shirt pulled over his face in shame.[3]

Later in life, the foaming mouth guy had at least one child. One of his descendants became an Amon supporter.[4]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • A fan favorite,[5] an additional creative contribution from animator Ki Hyun Ryu resulted in his foaming at the mouth.[6]
  • Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino jokingly stated that Suki supposedly once dated the foaming mouth guy, but was not proud of it.[7]
  • The cries he makes are not dubbed over in the German or French language episodes, and he does not make any noise in the Dutch version.[2]


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