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The flyer distribution man was a man who roamed the streets of Gaoling handing out flyers to advertise Master Yu's Earthbending Academy. He wore a pair of pale green trousers and a light blue-green shirt with a darker trim.[1]


This man was hired to advertise Master Yu's Earthbending Academy. He was standing near Sokka when the latter was deciding whether or not to buy an expensive green bag. At that moment, the flyer distribution man seemed unsuccessful; he attempted to address a passerby, but the man walked away without giving him any attention. The flyer distribution man subsequently went in the same direction as Team Avatar. Shortly afterward, he noticed Aang and Katara and asked them if they liked earthbending, telling them to "check out Master Yu's Earthbending Academy", before handing over a flyer with a broad smile. He left immediately after giving Aang the flyer.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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