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The flower shop was a store near the Misty Palms Oasis located in the Si Wong Desert. The shop was primarily dedicated to flower arranging, but it was also a secret quarter of the Order of the White Lotus.[1]


After Iroh and Fung formed a lotus flower pattern on a Pai Sho board as a way of communicating that they were in the Order of the White Lotus, Xin Fu and Master Yu attempted to capture Zuko and Iroh, pursuing the bounty of their capture. Fung was able to create a diversion so they could escape, leading Zuko and Iroh into the flower shop.

Flower shop's room

The shop's inner room was suspiciously empty when Xin Fu and Master Yu arrived.

After a cryptic exchange through a speakeasy-type opening, Iroh and Fung entered the back room, but Zuko was denied access and told to wait in the flower shop, as their meeting was "members only". When the reunion finished, Iroh told Zuko they would travel to Ba Sing Se since they could pass covertly along with the many refugees there.

After the fugitives left the flower shop in two flowerpots to hide from the bounty hunters, Xin Fu and Master Yu entered the shop looking for both of them. Xin Fu knocked down the door to the back room, but all he found was a lotus tile in the center of the room's floor.[1]


The flower shop consisted of one relatively small room stacked with shelves, displaying many different types of flora. The narrow corridor between the flowerpots at the sides led up to the only other door in the shop. Behind it was a small, round room with the white lotus tile embedded in the center. The room served sometimes as a quarter for the Order of the White Lotus, but it was completely empty for the remainder of the time.[1]


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