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Flaming flakes

Flaming fire flakes were sold in many former Fire Nation colonies during festivals and celebrations.

Flaming fire flakes are a common snack in Fire Nation territories. Consisting of flakes covered with special spices and roasted at extremely high temperatures,[1] fire flakes are infamous for being hot, though this may vary depending on the cook. It is believed that the fire flakes in the colonies are not as tasty as those in the Fire Nation archipelago. They are served at the Fire Days Festival[2] and the Ember Island Theater.[3]


Aang, Katara, and Sokka visited a Fire Nation colony to attend a local festival, as Aang was searching for a firebending master. A starving Sokka bought some flaming fire flakes from a nearby booth and wolfed down the food, only to discover that the snack was unbearably hot. He attempted to cool down his tongue by wiping off the remainder of the snack.[2] However, Sokka seemed to enjoy the food, as he asked Aang to bring him back some of the spicy snack when he and the rest of Team Avatar attended a play in the Ember Island Theater.[3]

The snack was not only consumed on special occasions, but was also enjoyed on ordinary days. Mai once ate fire flakes out of a large bowl, even offering some to her distressed father after they had learned of an apparent outbreak of pentapox in Omashu.[4]


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