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This page is about the fishmonger whom Korra encountered during her travels. For the man met by Aang and his friends, see Fisherman.

The fishmonger is the owner of a seafood shack on the western coast of the Earth Kingdom. He keeps a photograph collection of the Avatars who have visited his store.[1]


The fishmonger met Avatar Aang, who happily posed in a photograph for the salesman. The Avatar became a big fan of his seaweed wraps, so the vendor named them "Aang Rolls", which became popular afterward.

In 173 AG, the fishmonger was visited by Aang's successor, Korra. The vendor eagerly asked for the Avatar to pose for a picture, just as Aang had. Korra hesitantly smiled for the camera, shortly before a nearby store clerk was robbed by two bandits. After some encouragement from the salesmen, Korra confronted the thieves, only to be easily defeated. The fishmonger rushed over to the beaten Korra, where he was asked by the store clerk if she was truly the Avatar.[1]

Six months later, the fishmonger was visited by Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, who had been searching for the missing Avatar. After noticing the vendor's picture of Korra, the children asked of her whereabouts. The fishmonger claimed that he was unaware of her location and he remarked on her poor state of being.[2]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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