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This fish hauler was an elderly woman employed in an Earth Kingdom harbor town. She maintained an unwavering faith in the Avatar, and as such, the beliefs of this cautious woman were at strong odds with her less trusting husband.


Aang and his friends first saw the fisherman's wife and her husband bickering on the dock in 100 AG. She explained to her husband that a terrible storm was approaching and it would be unsafe and foolish to go out fishing. He ignored her and she refused to accompany him, forcing him to hire someone else for the job. Sokka volunteered to take her place after hearing the fisherman yell that he would pay his next worker double and was hired on the spot. When the storm hit, she became worried about her husband because he had not returned. She besought Aang and Katara to find him and Sokka, but stubbornly refused to leave their refuge in order to help her husband. Upon reuniting with him after the successful rescue, she thanked Aang and demanded that her husband apologize for his poor behavior toward the young boy.[1]



Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

Book One: Water (水)[]


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