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Fireworks were set off as part of the new Avatar Day celebration.

A firework is a colorful explosion created by the detonation of a pyrotechnic device. A popular light show in the World of Avatar, they are often used as decoration or entertainment at celebrations and festivals, adding an aesthetic touch to the occasion. Due to their limited visibility during the day, they are generally detonated at night.[1]


By 100 AG, fireworks were in widespread use across the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and within the Fire Nation colonies. They were used during the Fire Days Festival as part of the celebration in a Fire Nation colony,[1] at an outpost in the Earth Kingdom by General Fong to honor Avatar Aang's success in the Northern Water Tribe during the Siege of the North,[2] and in Chin Village's Avatar Day festival.[3]

A similar celebration was held later that year in Ba Sing Se when Team Avatar attended a fireworks show to commemorate their success in defeating the Fire Nation and ending the Hundred Year War. Here, Toph admitted she hated fireworks because she could not see them, so all she could make of them were the fact that they were loud explosions in the sky.[4]

In 170 AG, during the Pro-bending Championship Tournament in Republic City, a brief fireworks show was conducted inside the Pro-bending Arena as the opening act for the White Falls Wolfbats.[5]

In 174 AG, Varrick and Zhu Li pressed the button of a remote control in order to set off fireworks on Air Temple Island to celebrate their union.[6]



A collection of flares were readied to be fired at a Fire Nation colony festival.

Fireworks are explosions that can occur in many colors, including red, pink, white, green, and yellow.

In the Fire Nation, firework starters have two different designs, though both detonate in similar fashions; the first resembles red dynamite, and has a cone-shaped peak resting on a cylindrical body that contains explosive material, while the second is shaped like a sausage. The starters can be detonated either by fire or explosion and fly upward with rapid speed, leaving a trail of smoke behind them. As the fuse hits the explosive material, they explode loudly, sending out streaks of multi-colored light in every direction. The explosions themselves last just a few seconds, burning bright enough to light up the night sky and be seen during the day.

Earth Kingdom firework starters are more simplistic, consisting of round, earthen spheres that earthbenders can fire into the sky. Aside from the starters, Earth Kingdom fireworks are identical to their Fire Nation counterparts.


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