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The Firelight Fountain is a romantic attraction within the city of Ba Sing Se, located in the Lower Ring. The fountain is popular with citizens who come to feed the turtle ducks during the day and to view the many lanterns which are usually lit at night.[2]


While on their date, Jin brought Zuko to one of her favorite parts of the city, the Firelight Fountain. At night, the fountain is usually lit by lanterns in the evening and causes the water to sparkle. However, when they arrived there, the lanterns were all unlit.

Sensing her disappointment, Zuko told Jin to close her eyes. Making sure that no one else was around to watch, he quietly lit all the lanterns with his firebending. Jin and Zuko stared into the fountain with Jin reaching out and holding his hand. Slyly, she tried to give Zuko a kiss, but Zuko held up a coupon for a free cup of tea between them and gave it to her. Nonplussed, she told Zuko to close his eyes so she could present her gift to him, before kissing him lightly and briefly. Zuko gave her a brief kiss in return, but quickly broke away and left. When Jin inquired why he was leaving, he simply said, "It's complicated" and headed back to his apartment.[1]

When Zuko and Mai walked through Ba Sing Se the night before leaving for the Fire Nation, Jin managed to accidentally startle Zuko enough that he fell into the fountain. This time, the lights around the fountain were lit.[3]


The fountain is encircled by lanterns which are mounted on posts that brighten the entire area. There is a stone structure in the middle of the area which contains water in which several lanterns float; several lamps are mounted on this stone structure.


  • Jin's parents often met at this fountain secretly as teenagers.[2]


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