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Fire lily

The fire lily has a thin stem and is red in color.

The fire lily is a flower that grows in the meadows of the Fire Nation, such as the grassy fields near Hama's village.[1] The vibrant, red blossoms of this flower bloom just a few weeks every year around the middle of summer, and are typically shredded once they dry out.[2] Many annual Fire Lily Festivals are held throughout the Fire Nation during their blooming period.[3]


In c. 297 BG, an admiral in the Fire Navy who was a friend of Hei-Ran sent a large quantity of fire lilies to the purported Avatar, Yun. Kyoshi spent the afternoon plucking the leaves and trimming the stems as Yun rested his head in her lap. The two nearly kissed, and afterwards, Yun made sure to call Kyoshi's attention whenever she was in the presence of fire lilies.[2]

Seven and a half months later, the Ember Island tourism minister visited Yun and gifted fire lilies to him, which he teased Kyoshi about two weeks later.[2]

While training Katara in the art of waterbending, Hama stated that these flowers were one of her favorite things about living in the Fire Nation. However, she subsequently demonstrated ambient water channeling by extracting water from a bed of fire lilies, causing them to wilt.[1]



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