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This Fire Navy officer was a subordinate of Admiral Chan during the Hundred Year War, from whom he frequently received his orders. He would easily become upset when not given commands and had the tedious task of making sure all the Fire Nation ships in the East and West Lakes were where they were supposed to be.[2]


In 100 AG, this officer intercepted a ship headed toward the Fire Nation, which was, unbeknownst to him, hijacked by the Avatar's allies. Under the impression that the vessel was part of the Western Fleet, the officer boarded the ship with two of his soldiers, where he asked Hakoda and Bato, both disguised as Fire Nation officers, why they were not en route toward Ba Sing Se to join the rest of the Western Fleet to support the occupation of the Earth Kingdom capital. Being told that the ship was part of the Eastern Fleet with orders to deliver some cargo, he grew annoyed about the lack of communication from Admiral Chan to alert him that an Easter Fleet ship would come their way. The disguised Water Tribe men assured the officer that they would send two messenger hawks in the future, and the Fire Navy officer moved to return to his own ship.

As he was returning to his ship, one of his accompanying soldiers informed him that Admiral Chan had been on leave at Ember Island for two months. Realizing that the crew of the other vessel should have known that, the officer deduced that the intercepted vessel was a captured ship and ordered it to be sunk. Before they could cross the bridge to their own ship, however, the officer and his men were thrown into the water when Toph metalbent the ramp from under their feet. Climbing about his own ship via a rope ladder tossed toward him, the officer gave chase, catapulting large flaming boulders toward their target. Despite hitting the vessel, he was forced to stop and deal with the aggressive serpent from the Serpent's Pass, who had appeared out of the blue and caught one of the oncoming projectiles in the eye, constricting the officer's vessel in retaliation.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


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