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The conductor collected tickets and maintained order on the Fire Nation train.[1]


One day, the train was visited by an undercover Avatar Aang and his friend, Sokka. The two had also brought along a little girl named Sho, who would be riding the train to get to her grandmother's house.

Aang and Sokka first encountered the train conductor when they went to the local train station to see its locomotive. As he called for the passengers to board the train, Aang noticed Sho standing in line by herself, crying. After Aang and Sokka agreed to accompany her on the train, the conductor proceeded to collect tickets from the passengers. However, when the assassin known as Combustion Man entered the train, the hitman shoved him aside with one hand when he tried to collect his ticket. Spotting Aang, Combustion Man loosed multiple explosive attacks, rattling the train and knocking its driver unconscious. Using the train's communication pipes, the conductor attempted to make contact with the engine room. Sokka warned him that, in its present state of damage, the train ran the risk of jumping the tracks. The conductor responded by saying that the train was increasing in speed and that the engineer was unconscious. As Aang led Combustion Man to fight on the roof of the speeding train, Sokka broke into the engine room and stopped the train. With the machine halted atop a bridge, Aang used waterbending to propel the assassin into the ravine below, saving the engineer, the conductor, and the passengers.[1]


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Book Three: Fire (火)[]


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