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The Fire Nation school is a center of learning located in the eastern Fire Nation.[1]


Avatar Aang briefly attended this school under the alias of Kuzon late in the spring of 100 AG, claiming that he came from the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom. While there, he learned that the students were not learning the correct historic information in their classes. For example, they believed that the Air Nomads had their own formal military, when in actuality they did not. Dancing, a means of self-expression, was also frowned upon, for it inspired creativity and ingenuity[1] - two traits that posed a threat to the Fire Lord's control over his people. Through strict disciplinarian teachings and deceptive propaganda, the children and adults of the Fire Nation alike were taught to view the Hundred Year War as their way of spreading their greatness throughout the world. Very few acknowledged the fear and terror the Fire Nation had brought to the other nations.


Classrooms contain rows of desks and a picture of Ozai.

During the Hundred Year War, this school was aimed at instilling loyalty to the Fire Nation within its students, often through manipulation or strict discipline.[2] The students had to recite the Fire Nation oath every day.[1] The teachers maintained extreme order and were very focused on creating perfect Fire Nation citizens. Students in this school started their education as soon as they began firebending, or, for nonbenders, as soon as they began walking. The curriculum included etiquette, Fire Nation history, history of warfare, music, and firebending classes.[2] The students were given recess during school in the main courtyard. The courtyard was a plain concrete area with a statue of Fire Lord Ozai in the center. The school dress code required a strict uniform, consisting of brown pants or a skirt and shirt, a black and red vest, and a red sash marked with the school's logo.

If there was a student with a bad conduct, he or she could be sent to "reform school", otherwise known as the coal mines, at the discretion of the Headmaster.[1]


The music class was formal, with a variety of instruments; Aang was given the tsungi horn to play. The music teacher asked Aang not to dance during class. He asked if all that "hullabaloo going on with [his] feet" was a nervous disorder. Confused, Aang replied that dancing was a way of expressing oneself. The music teacher told Aang that if he was so moved by his love for his nation, he could march in place quietly the next time he felt the urge to do so. Aang was one of sixteen students in his class.[1]

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