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The Fire Nation councilwoman was the Fire Nation's last representative on the United Republic Council until its dissolution in early 171 AG. During the Anti-bending Revolution, she supported Chairman Tarrlok's hardline anti-Equalist politics, which ultimately led to the conflict's escalation. The councilwoman lived with her husband, who showed little interest in her work.[1]


During the meeting at City Hall where Tarrlok suggested creating a task force to deal with Amon, the councilwoman stated that she was inclined to agree, but was skeptical as to whether they would find someone willing to command the task force. Tarrlok subsequently volunteered for the job, so she and all other council members, excluding Tenzin, voted for the creation of the force.[3]

After Amon made a threat on the Pro-bending Arena, the Council decided to cancel the tournament finals. After some persuasion by Chief Lin Beifong, however, the councilwoman, along with all of the other Council members besides Tenzin, voted in favor of keeping the arena open.[4]

Following Lin Beifong's resignation as Chief of Police, Saikhan was appointed the new Chief, and the Fire Nation councilwoman, along with all of the other members of the Council, was present at his induction ceremony. Later on, when Tarrlok proposed that a law be created which would set a curfew for nonbenders and make it illegal for anyone to join the Equalists, the Fire Nation councilwoman voted in favor of the idea.[5]

Councilwoman before abduction

The councilwoman opened the door to disguised Equalists just before being electroshocked.

The Fire Nation councilwoman was present at City Hall on the day after Tarrlok and Korra's battle. Upon the arrival of Tenzin, Lin, and Team Avatar, the council page revealed that Tarrlok was a bloodbender, and that he had kidnapped Avatar Korra. The Northern Water Tribe representative, exposed as a criminal and outnumbered, began to bloodbend the entire group, including the councilwoman, until they were rendered incapacitated.[6]

Immediately before the Equalists' battle for Republic City began, the Fire Nation councilwoman was in her home preparing to leave for a Council meeting. As she was getting ready, she heard a knock at the door. Upon answering the door, she was confronted by a man falsely claiming to be a spider rat exterminator, before being promptly electroshocked into a state of unconsciousness.[1]


The Fire Nation councilwoman did not appear to have strong ideals, nor strong opinions about subjects on which the council voted. She was never known to propose new ideas to the council, but agreed a majority of the time with the ideas that Tarrlok had proposed.[5]


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The Legend of Korra

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  • The Fire Nation councilwoman was the only female member of the United Republic Council in 170 AG.
  • The Fire Nation councilwoman is seen firebending in the online game Welcome to Republic City on


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